A New Year…..

nathan and I by the lake
While reflecting on the year past, I connected with memories of laughter and joy, moments of sadness and tears, lessons learnt, and lessons left behind, people have become new friends, and old friendships have moved on their way. I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with the lessons of my life, and I am very honored to be taught about my life through my connection with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


mnr lakeside 2010 was a year full of natures sacred teachers and teachings. My time spent in Northwestern Ontario provided me a virtual University level education in the wisdom of our natural wonders. The call of a loon reminded me of the haunting call of my Spirits journey, the millions of stars reflected on the mirror like water of a pristine Canadian lake reminded me of the reflection of the angelic and ancestral guides that watch over me every day and guide me along my path. The sting of a wasp gave me the opportunity to awaken to the present moment, a harsh reminder of staying present verses worrying about the days to come. Observing the intricate workmanship of a beavers house gave me the gift of learning about perseverance as well as the importance of creating a home. So many lessons, too many to list….this place we call our home, Mother Earth, she is a sacred space that offers us an opportunity for a true connection to Spirit and the most liberating teachings we can ever experience. If you are looking for guidance in your life, if you are seeking to connect with a guide, Nature and our blessed Mother Earth offers an opportunity to connect with both in a most
brilliant, loving, gentle way…all she, our Mother Earth asks in return is respect, love, and gratitude.

writing with nathan
In the upcoming year, my focus on this blog will be to share with you the discourses I received from Nathan from 1997 – the summer of 2010. The teachings of Nathan are focused on assisting us to embrace our authentic self, to live by the seven emanations of Divine love (love, kindness, peace, joy, passion, respect, compassion), and the sacred connection offered when we observe and interact with Guidance offered in our everyday life. The discourses that Nathan shares with us originate from the wisdom found in Nature. Nathan teaches us that all of natures inhabitants and all the nations of this Earth are sacred, skilled, and knowledgeable teachers who humbly offer sacred teachings in every moment of every day. In sharing the discourses with you over the next year, my prayer is that you will deepen your relationship with your own sacred guidance, empower your healing journey, awaken to the healing energies around you, and embrace a loving compassionate journey with Mother Earth.

I look forward to connecting with you in the second week of January, and the second week of every month there after…..until then, I wish you many blessings and Light, may 2011 be your best year ever!!
photos courtesy of Mother Earth Therapy

waves mnr Today, I exist as the Light you watch dancing across the lake, tomorrow I am the wind playing with your hair, I am the moon you watch wax and wane throughout the night. I am the passion in your heart, the tears in your eyes, I am the very breath that gives you life. I hear you when you are silent, thy presence is felt when you sit softly and whisper…I need you…you are never without me, only be still and be with me today, ah sweet whisper of Divine Light then shall fill they heart!

Know that I am one with Spirit, I place myself between the world of Spirit and your own earth bound life. I share with you that which your Highest Self intends to manifest for this incarnation. I share with you that which is far beyond mind, far beyond conscious intellectual thoughts .

Be assured, I will remind you who you are…in those silent spaces, silent whispers, and the sensation of longing for that which is true to you, it is there that I whisper softly the heart song of your life. -Nathan