My Journey as an Intuitive

How it all began…

My initial experience with intuition began as a young child on my grand-parents farm in rural Manitoba Canada.  While playing in the fields and bush at the farm I would experience the visual presence of Angelic messengers and Ancestral guides revealing to me their messages about the earth, animals and people.  As the years passed by, my experiences became persistent and more profound.  Overtime, I became aware of the presence of my Spirit Guide and the deep connection we would share.

Many years later, during the summer of 1997 while sitting along side a beautiful prairie lake,  I began to connect with my Spirit Guide Nathan.  I met with Nathan daily, and during our time together, I experienced messages that allowed me to sense, feel and connect with the fish, birds, water, trees and creatures of the lake, recording their thoughts, emotions and their deep sense of concern for the earth.  I also began to record messages from my Spirit Guide Nathan about the state of our planet and its inhabitants.  The experience of that summer in 1997, as well as the indepth connection I continue to experience with my Guide, nature, Angelic messengers and Ancestral guidance has opened and expanded the pathway of my Work as an Intuitive.  I love my work, and feel honored to walk alongside my clients as they travel their healing path.

Intuitive Readings…

I have shared the Readings with people all over the world for over 14 years. My readings are direct, upfront, compassionate, and filled with respect for your life path. During your reading, I remain in contact with my Spirit Guide Nathan who assists me in understanding messages received on your behalf from your Spirit Guide, chakras, aura, meridian, ancestors, animal messengers and angelic forces that surround you.   The messages received during an Intuitive Reading will assist you in stepping beyond the boundaries that have challenged you and create an understanding of the magnificence of your life path and how your energy system and higher guidance can transform your life.

People request an Intuitive Reading for many reasons, including:

  • guidance for life path issues such as career, love, partnership, health, past life issues, loss of a loved one
  • sense of direction
  • inner peace
  • develop a plan of action for their wellness journey

During a reading many have experienced

  • a renewed sense of hope and understanding
  • release of stressors and pain
  • a deeper sense of connection with their Angelic messengers, Spirit guide, and Ancestral guides
  • information regarding the messages hidden in their chakras, meridians, aura and energy body that may be influencing their physical, emotional and spiritual journey

Intuitive Readings are available in the following formats…

  • Phone readings offer a flexible appointment schedule, times available on weekends, evenings and weekdays.  Phone readings are a great way to receive guidance in the comfort of your own home.  Sessions have been shared by phone with clients from countries all over the world such as Israel, Africa, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Iraq, Jerusalam, US, Canada, Germany, Afaghanistan, and many other locations.
  • Email Readings are a great way to explore guidance either between readings, or as a compliment to your current Spiritual journey. Previous full session is required.

Denise Landygo is not a licensed psychologist, medical professional, business consultant or legal/financial advisor. All insights provided by Denise either in a reading or any portions of her website, youtube, podcasts or books are not intended to replace the advice of professionals in all areas of which you seek guidance from Denise.