The Eagle’s message….

Seven months after the initial onset of the illness had begun I felt physically stronger and ready to take on my life. During those seven months of the illness it became clear to me that I had to restart my life, begin again, so I left my prairie homeland and arrived at a destination along the West Coast of Canada waiting for a ferry headed for my soon to be island home. I arrived at the ferry terminal newly separated after 30 years of marriage and my daughter left home to pursue her dreams. I physically left behind 30 years of memories, photos, collections, family and friends but had a heart full of fond recollections of years past and new founded fears of what lay ahead. While waiting for the ferry I remembered the words my Guide shared with me one evening during my illness. The Guide whispered to me that it was time to move away from where I was and head to an island to experience more of who I am.  I knew this to be true, I could feel it to my core, but I didn’t clearly know what this true life looked like for me…I sure wanted to find out. Over the years, my Guide Nathan, taught me that at some point in life we awaken the desire for more of our true self to be revealed and embraced and that life will unfold a path leading to the expression of the true self. He taught that in order to travel that path we needed to be aware of the clues of love in our life and to be willing to courageously follow those clues.   He also taught that all emotions, all feelings, all that we experience is part of the sacred, authentic path  and are sacred teachers that should not be judged. Well, here I was, embracing my path and I was feeling so depressed, so down hearted, confused, numb and damn good and mad at the Divine as I stood at the ferry terminal waiting for the ferry to take me to my new home. I kept thinking that being my true self meant  I should be more accepting, loving, more grateful for the journey that lead me to this point, after all it was an inspired journey by my Guide Nathan, but in the moments before boarding the ferry I had a “hate” on for the Divine as never before, and felt as if I was being singled out and punished by the Divine.  I now realize that those feelings were authentic, true and real and the gateway to freeing myself..true feelings…true self.

My small little car was packed with the few things I had saved from my previous life, my fuming attitude filled the rest of the car with distrust and fears of the future.  My heart  was torn from the separation of a marriage and the empty nest.  As I pondered my situation I recognized the hauntingly familiar sound of the whistle of an eagle. I looked upwards and there, on a pole at the entranceway to the ferry stood a huge eagle, majestic, strong, powerful. The eagle kept looking at me, twisting his head at an angle that would allow him full view of my car. I stepped out of the car and took in the beauty of this majestic being. I was completely engaged with the beautify of this eagle.  I noticed that this engagement with the eagle created a place where my pain had stopped, the tear in my heart softened, my angry attitude forgotten, all I could think about was the absolute gift of this eagle in front of me, the mesmerizing presence of this winged gate keeper.  I was completely in the present moment, and it was the perfect place to be! Suddenly the eagle dipped its head, spread out its wings and looked as if it was going to dive towards me, I felt a shiver go through my body. Such power, such strength was displayed by this eagle. As the eagle stood there in this pose, I realized he had snapped me even further into the present moment, I was fully, 100% present, and as a result of being so present, my suffering subsided and whatever suffering was left had no power over the moment. Suddenly I was aware that I could smell the salty sea air, feel the heat of the sun on my face, feel my breath in my body, and saw the gift of the life laid out before me. I was alive, and I was living my life, taking a chance and letting go. I was like the eagle, poised for my moment(s), ready to take off into the next phase of my life journey.

What I learnt:  I am absolutely abundantly amazingly authentic in all moments of my life. Sometimes Im authentically messed up, other times Im authentically loving, all aspects of me are authentic and true and I need to experience the real blueprint called me…lumps, bumps, grumbles and more….I am perfection, creation, an intended existence and all experiences are important contributors to the bigger picture of my life.

-I experienced that authenticity (being the true self) is not the same as perfection and often the pursuit of authenticity is actually a mask for seeking perfection. I am perfectly imperfect and authentically flawed and beautiful all at the same time. Authenticity unfolds and is imperfect, perfection demands and is limiting

– Authenticity is present, real, true and always alive and well, it does not need to be sought after but rather it requires a walk in life that reveals, bit by bit, the truest expression of who I am and why I am here. Also, the experience of my true self can change and alter day by day, It is not a destiny but rather a journey.

-The eagle, to me, was a sacred messenger and these messengers are all around all day long. They come in the form of family, friends, fur babies, winged wisdom, the plants, the sky, clouds, waves, the smell of salty air by the ocean and so much more. The eagle taught me to wake up, be in the present moment, and in that present moment awareness teachers, sacred clues and messages will appear so that I can embrace the journey ahead.

I boarded the ferry after thanking the eagle. I felt my wings spread, my eyes wide open, my heart ready to step into my life. I was alive….ALIVE!! This is what being alive was all about, being in the present moment and engaging with Divine sacred teachers, messengers and embracing the journey called life.  I boarded that ferry, confidently and with a renewed strength. I watched as the eagle flew off majestically over the ocean looking for its next student..I bought a latte, and sat on the deck of the ferry enjoying the view.

Blessings and Light



Let Life Begin….

The journey back to a healthy productive life took me sometime. My greatest obstacle was myself, my greatest challenge was myself, and yet my greatest healing came from understanding myself. I look back on the challenges of that illness and I am so super grateful I ran into the blessing of hitting rock bottom, no, not to bounce back up or however that saying goes, but to scrape along the rocks allowing the process of disassembly to regenerate my life. I did not bounce back up because I hit bottom, I built a foundation made of stone while I dwelled in the lowest place of my life, I used the force of suffering to be the catalyst of freedom. Oh, don’t kid yourself, I went through mounds of tear filled Kleenex, jaw clenching fear, and a pronounced stubborn refusal to change my ways, but I persevered because I wanted to LIVE, not just be alive, no, I wanted to LIVE! Life doesn’t have to hit me so hard anymore for me to adjust my sails and get back on course, I developed an awareness that cannot be denied. Here is what I learnt… Continue reading

Surrendering to the plan…

body-bg.jpgSurrender, not my favourite topic, in fact I never really ever wanted to look at a plan other then the one I had maticulously massaged out of my own head. What is surrender anyway,? Do I need to hand over everything to the unknown, to trust, to just wander around waiting or “God” or whatever it is to show up and make everything better?! Surrender to me was a fancy name for doormat behaviour, or a state of limbo, very very painful pauses where action could be more productive. I tended to be more of what is termed a type “A” personality, so of course do do do was the top of my list every day. Even while I was sick, barely able to be out of bed for more then an hour at a time, I would do my duties as a mother, as a business owner, as a daughter…imagine that, standing at a sink doing dishes while my legs shook and could barely hold me upright, stubborn determined control so habitual it felt as natural as breathing and as important as my own life. I had a lot to learn. Continue reading

Is it my Guide or is it me?


continuation from the previous post, Check Mate….

I decided it was time to take on this illness that had tackled my life…daily meditations, journaling, eating a very pure diet consisting of the finest organic veggies and meat. Every morning I would take a handful of vitamins and of course the meds my doctor prescribed for me. These pharmaceuticals are useless bloody things I thought, but I will take the prescription just to be sure I covered all ground. My Doctor ordered my medication to be taken 6 times a day at the exact same time every day, my every waking hour was fully absorbed in healing. My heart rate remained very high therefore making my metabolism ultra quick, I was absolutely starving all the time and would burn through my food so fast that it seemed like I was eating several times an hour yet I continued to loose a lot more weight. I was giving this healing journey my all, yet I was not improving.

I became very frustrated, anger rose inside of me, I was very used to winning physical battles, after all I had just retired from a very successful career as a sought after homeopathic doctor and during that career I was able to help hundreds and hundreds of people heal their health issues. Ah yes indeed,..  humbled yet again. In frustration, I stood in the middle of my living room and yelled out loud to my guides, “where are you, I can’t hear you, help me”! immediately a voice from deep within my heart spoke ever so softly and said, “Im right here, but you can’t hear me over your own demanding voice”. “Im listening damn it!! I yelled back. ” I’m doing everything I know how to do” I said. “Yes, ’tis true,” said the voice from within, ” you are, doing everything YOU know how to do but you are not doing what our guidance is telling you”. I suddenly felt super weak and proceeded to sit on the floor feeling defeated but yet noticed a flicker of fight existing somewhere deep inside. I thought about what my beloved Guide had just shared with me, and realized that I was following my knowing mind but not my guided intuitive mind.

What I learnt….

What I thought was guidance was actually a recall of the familiar, that which I innately and educationally knew. I was so used to being in control, so used to being in charge that I immediately went to the familiar and did not make room for the unfamiliar. I remembered the instructions of my Guide asking me to be authentic to my Guides first and then to the world, to be present in this one moment I have right now, to surrender. I was in no way surrendered but was in full blown control mode. My career as an Intuitive, spanning over almost 2 decades taught me clearly how to decipher guidance from the ego self yet in this personal instance I avoided what I knew was sacred guidance because I was keenly aware and very afraid of how things were going to change and what my life would look like after all the healing had taken place. I choose my familiar habits and mindset over Guidance.

I have provided Intuitive Readings for over almost 6000 worldwide, and every time I engage with Sacred Guidance it comes forth as a silent whisper that encourages present moment awareness.  It is a word or two, maybe a sentence if you are lucky that points a finger in a direction, and often tells you something that is way out of your box.  It is that still small voice that can rattle you yet console you at the same time. Guidance is an energy, a presence, it does not necessarily only come forth as a voice, it can show up as wisdom shared by another earth traveller (human, animal or plants), a sign you see on the road, a song.  The modality for communication of guidance can vary and is as unique as our own fingerprint.  We each have our own way of receiving and interpreting guidance yet there is one consistent pattern almost always present when guidance is sought, and that is if what I am “hearing” as guidance has a full out ready to go plan, knows the outcome, is a loud cheerleader, a persistent dominant voice advocating a certain pathway that is filled with hauntingly familiar solutions, then this is the shadowed self, the ego directing the show, this is not guidance. Guidance is a gentle advocate, one the presents a perspective that may be familiar yet is often a perspective that would not be considered due to the challenge or vulnerability at hand.  Guidance usually will give a big vision glance but then reverts to present moment promptings and challenges. It is brief, slight, gentle, at times persistent, pesky but always in a subtle way.

This week….

Allow yourself to observe rants and raves of what you should do, how you should be that echo within your heart. When these rants and raves begin they are far different from a creative flurry, they present as almost overbearing planning sessions and directives that start flying around inside your mind. Do not negate these thoughts or deaden their voice, let it swirl, observe, stay in the present moment, but remain as an observer, even nodding your head or acknowledging the “wisdom” as if you can see what this voice means and says. At this point you are merely listening but choose to not be obedient to the voice, its as if it is background sound.  Remember, negating this voice will only make it louder later. If this voice persists, allow yourself to drift into the present moment, pulling away from the voice by occupying yourself in the here and now.  You can become more present simply by observing your breath, a walk in nature, cooking a meal, go for a run, ride a bike but be here now. Notice how the persistent voice starts to weakens with your present moment activity. Eventually while you are in the present moment a whisper will break through, it will be quick, sometimes pointed, but it will peak through. When you hear the whisper, thank your Guide for pointing a finger in the direction you need. Begin to journal, follow or create what is given to you. At this point you can add in your own flavour, your own creativity and expand upon the idea given. Now your creative process of interacting with Guidance has begun. Ask the questions you wish to seek answers for, interact with your Guide and listen, surrender and have faith in your ability to embrace your life.

Next week… Surrendering to the plan.

Blessings and Light!




Check mate…


continuation from the previous post, Awakening…

I lay in bed acutely aware of the pounding of my heart alerting me to the fragility of my life.  My thoughts race, I am desperately searching for hope.  I am so young so vibrant with so much to offer, so many memories yet to make, so many precious moments to explore and yet my heart is tiring and fragile as it struggles against the on slot of thyroid hormones. I am too weak to fight, too weary to fix this, and too tired to try.  For the first time in my adult life I am completely surrendered physically, emotionally and spiritually. I realize that if my body is to heal it will require the unleashing of my authentic self.  How do I know this? How do I know my healing will not be as simple as taking meds and changing my diet?  My life experience as a holistic practitioner has taught me that in most instances healing requires attention to the body mind and Spirit. My holistic training taught me that the throat chakra, where the thyroid is located, is the energetic centre for speaking my own truth and revealing my authentic self. This chakra was screaming for attention and could no longer be dismissed or delayed. I was not surprised that my throat chakra was burning out, I had spent most of my life hidden under the radar from family, friends and associates with regards to the true me. No, I was not living a lie or being deceitful, I was afraid, actually terrified of the potential losses I would face if I would fully be me in the world. I had developed ways to cope with my fears and bury my dreams and hopes …I overworked, over committed, under cared for myself, and became everyones everything. The gig was up, if I wanted to live I couldn’t hide anymore.

While lying in bed I felt the desire to meditate.  During my meditation the words “Check mate” echoed over and over in my head with the familiar sound of my Guide’s voice. “Check mate dear one, we have placed you flat in bed to free you of your gated communities”.  Gated communities? I had no idea what this meant! With some trepidation I asked “Beloved Guide, what do you mean by gated community?” A compassionate voice answered “the community of illusions you have locked yourself so safely in… your roles, your self imposed limitations, the denial of your gift, the silencing of your blessed journey all for the illusionary sake of love, acceptance and the desperate search for approval”.  Once again my guide was right, correct, and undeniably accurate. “Beloved guide” my voice trembling with fear, ” how can I heal this, I don’t want to die, I want to live, to LIVE!!” My guide whispered to me, “Ah dear one,  follow our prompts, be in the present moment, be willing to reveal your truths to us first, then to the world, this is all we ask”. I immediately agreed, “okay, I’m in, you got me, check mate, I give!” I was ready, there was no bloody way I was leaving my life, my world, my family, no bloody way whatsoever! Whatever the price, whatever the pain, I was willing to traverse the path back to me.  I concluded my meditation, arose from my bed and headed over to a comfortable chair. I took a few deep breaths, began to journal and embrace the wisdom that my beloved guide shared with me. Let the healing begin!

What did I learn?  Sacred communication with guidance will Light the pathway to healing and awaken the will to thrive even in the most challenged situation. Slowing down enough to hear, being surrendered enough to listen, being willing to awaken are a potent combination for healing and revealing inner truths. Also, a declared intention is like signing a sacred contract with a Guide thus requiring me to trust, have faith and the courage to walk outside my “gated community”.

Practical applications for my healing path .. I invoked my guides daily to let them know that I was surrendered and willing to walk my healing path with them (see meditation below). I Stayed in the present moment as much as possible and when swayed by thoughts of fears or old habits I would bring myself back to the present moment by noting events and objects in my surroundings. I kept a journal and began writing my daily intentions for all three areas of my life (body, mind, Spirit). I visualized daily my ultimate life…who would I be, how would I love, my finances, my Work, my family, I would play in my mind and unleash all restrictions and denials. My mind became my playground for healing.

Meditation for seeking guidance…

Sitting comfortably, breathe slowly, following each breath in and out,  calm your body, calm your mind. Feet planted on the floor, hands gently placed on your lap, palms down, listen to/ follow your breath, in and out, in and out. Once relaxed, on an out breath, invoke your guide. “Beloved Guide I am yours, completely surrendered”.  I repeat this mantra several times on an out breath. My intention is for the guides to Work through me and speak my truths in a way I can see and understand. After invoking your guide and while still sitting, visualize / feel an energy or Light moving up from the ground, slowly moving up the legs, meeting in the pelvis, moving upward through the centre of the body, up through the crown of the head in a fountain form. Allow this fountain of Light to be present for a few breaths, then bring the fountain back down through the crown chakra, all the way down through the body, out the soles of the feet and into the earth. Practice this meditation daily.

My next post, “Is it you or is it me!!”, will be focused on deciphering guidance from the mind.



The Awakening

Awakening from my Silence…

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal” – Martin Luther King

During a recent meditation, my guide, Nathan taught me that “all beings are completely authentic, beautifully authentic, but authenticity becomes silenced and invisible through the ever present betrayals (denial) of the individual’s truth”. He continued to share that “authenticity is not a sought after goal, but through a process of Unfoldment, the authentic self will reveal its truest expression”. Nathan’s wisdom continued…  “Unfoldment is a present moment process, a courageous release of that which no longer serves thus revealing that which is essential to the Divine plan”.  Nathan also reminded me “the path to authenticity requires one to be acutely  aware in the present moment. This present moment awareness will bring to light the gentle promptings of Spirits call”. After my meditation, I reflected on Nathan’s teaching and how it played out in my journey of the past four years…a journey that was filled with realizations of where and when I silenced my authenticity and betrayed my sacred  path, a journey that lead me back to my authentic self. Upon further reflection I realized that the trials I walked through over those four years are sacred teachers, and worthy of sharing. My blog posts for 2018 will be dedicated to exploring my sacred four year journey of silence and  betrayal, renewal, and authenticity. My  posts will be vulnerable, raw and real. My hope is that by sharing my story a ray of light, hope and vision for your path will unfold.

The silent betrayal .. 

Four years ago I noticed a fine tremor in my legs, a generalized weakness and a feeling of exhaustion that I simply could not ignore. My life at that time was filled with roles, responsibilities, duties, and a vast array of this and that’s which fully occupied my every waking hour. I had love all around me yet I was empty, I had a thriving career as an intuitive with clients all around the world, but my body began fighting me and shutting down my ability to do my work. Every day I become more and more physically and emotionally weak. The tremors in my legs became more pronounced and coping with day to day stressors began to fall to the wayside in favor of immobility, exhaustion and a sense of dread…”why is my body betraying me!” I would ask.  Months had past, it became painfully evident that It was time to see the doctor and figure this all out, Admitting that I needed help, that I was completely confused as to what was happening was a very humbling experience, after all, I am an intuitive, a doctor of holistic medicine and former NICU RN, I should be able to heal this..or so I thought. During this time of physical trial, I would meditate, and my guide Nathan would stand before me, his hand outstretched, eyes gleaming like beacons of  Light, his words ever so gentle “trust me, reach out to me, rest dear one, I will guide you, comfort you, trust me”. I thought “Trust!! Are you kidding me!!” I am fiercely independent and rather stubborn! I silenced Nathan’s words by embracing my habitual coping mechanisms. My body continued to betray the demands I so stubbornly placed upon it, the situation worsened.

“You have a critical situation” said my physician. The blood results revealed that my thyroid was in such a hyper state that my body was literally going at warp speed, soon to burn out. “You will be in full heart failure within a week if you don’t do something now, your thyroid is critical, severely hyper” said my doctor. I could feel the blood draining from my face as he announced my fate. I was powerless, my body in severe danger. Several weeks had passed since my first tremors, I already lost over 38 pounds, my hair thinned substantially, my eyes appeared to be bulgy, I could not walk without assistance, and my heart raced between 98-120 beats per minute all day long. I was now face to face with the reality of my body saying clearly to my Spirit, “Wisen up babe, or we’re outta here”!  My body drew a clear line in the sand, change or be changed. The doctor proceeded to give me medication and said I would be on these meds for a lifetime. The doctor didn’t know if my hair would grow back to its usual thick mane, he didn’t know if I had sustained permanent muscle damage from the on slot of hormones, the future was unknown but the present was screaming loud and clear. This may not sound like a big deal to some, but to i, a doctor of natural medicine, it was humbling.The only healing path before me was pure and utter surrender, submission to the truth that I needed help, bigtime, and only the allopathic medicine would help. The plan before me…three to four weeks of bed rest, dietary restrictions, medical check ups and more. I felt as though God had me in a headlock and was asking me to say “I give I give, I’m yours!” My life as I knew it was about to change significantly, either I would stop betraying my Soul and submit to the journey of authenticity or I would visit my room on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge…checkmate! My body was exhausted from the push and shove of fulfilling all the obligations, roles, expectations and self induced perfections that I imposed on myself. My Spirit was saying it is time now to meet who you know yourself to be…time out, check mate, no way out! People often ask, how did I know that this wasn’t just a medical event, an imbalanced thyroid, a toxic situation, how did I know that there was a deeper meaning to the illness? My only answer is that after working for 28 years in regular and complimentary medicine, after 18 years of intuitive work, one thing I learnt for sure is that the body will absolutely send a message when Spirit has been denied. No, I didn’t cause the sickness because I wasn’t being me, that’s so new age and also I’m not so powerful! I did however silence my voice, my desires, my truths, my inner me for a very long time, and finally my voice became tired of being denied and sent me a message the only way I would hear…through the body. Sickness is a messanger, not a lesson to teach you how bad you were, what you did wrong, but a sacred messanger with Light filled guidance waiting to unfold.

I returned home after the doctors appointment, sat on my sofa and sobbed, buckets and barrels of tears that came from a place deep inside me that I didn’t even know existed. My inner me had been silent for so long, I was so bound up in responsibilities, have to’s, roles that the authentic me became completely buried and forgotten. My tears felt like a huge release and relief, I missed them, I had forgotten their power and healing ability. My tears brought forth compassionate love for my life and revealed to me that I allowed myself to be defined by the words of others and forgot my own inner self.  I was so used to stretching my hand out to the outer world for help, admiration and love verses holding my hands over my chest in prayer, insight and surrender.  I denied the voice of the authentic me, numb to the reality of my existence and the inner longing to live, thrive and expres my Light in its full potential. After much prayer (and a whole lotta Kleenex!) I landed on my knees, not in a dramatic way, but in a fully surrendered way and said clearly to my God, my guides and my ancestors…”I am here, fully humbled, make me as you intended, help keep me out of your way, I want to LIVE!”  I want to LIVE, not just be alive, but LIVE!!  As I struggled to get up from my knees, I sensed a peaceful silence in the room, the energy around me became still, my body stopped trembling, my legs still for the first time in weeks. I wanted to sleep, to lye in the energy of my beloved guides of whom I could sense were nearby. I wanted to open myself to my guides and hear their whisped reminders of the truths I had forgotten. It was time to journey back to the authentic me. I remembered Nathan’s words that encouraged me to be in this sacred space of peace…I finally arrived, nestled in his sacred embrace, silent, peaceful and damn scary all at once.

What did I learn….

Silencing my authentic expression created a place where fears hung out, where excuses dominated, a place where it became easier to be with the familiar then to reveal my authentic self. Silence, or in other words, betraying my own self expression created a satisfying feeling of becoming numb and afraid, comfortable and habitual. Betrayal is such a harsh word (I find), yet, as my body betrayed me I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my life.  I was about to experience the greatest gift from my beloved guides,.. a knock upside the head, a kick in the ass, an opportunity to realign with my authentic self. The perceived betrayal by the body became my pathway to LIght, to finding Love, to revealing the full unedited version of me. My self induced silencing of the truth of me became a betrayal of my God given journey, yet evolved into a sacred, blessed teacher. 

These are very vulnerable, real and sometimes painful (often comical ) posts, but I truly believe that every test can become a testimony, a vehicle of Light to share with another. Perhaps you will see yourself in these posts, not identical but hauntingly familiar, let us walk together, in healing, in Love. In my next post, I will share with you how my guides, my ancestors, my Sacred Counsel assisted me, and how betrayal became the Lighted Pathway to my highest self.

Blessings and Light

Join Nathan for Teachings on Love and Gratitude

Commencing October 1st 2014, I will begin to share teachings by Nathan, my Spirit Guide, focused on love and Gratitude.  It has been a busy few years putting together our book, “The Relinquishment” therefore I have been unable to attend to my blog….I thank you for your patience!  Stay tuned, I think you will really enjoy the upcoming series of teachings!

Best Wishes



Many times I am asked in a reading to connect with guidance regarding relationships. For some, they are contemplating divorce, for others seperation, and for many they seek to establish a peaceful co-existence in which all members of the family or all involved in the relationship can have peace. I connected with Nathan for a discourse on relationships, and today, I would like to share this teaching with you…..

The great mystery of human interaction continues to challenge people to come closer to their hearts and awaken their inner vision to see that in all situations Spirit is present. What you term relationships is looked upon by your Higher Self as an opportunity to observe and manifest the greatest teachings of the Omnipitant Source of all love.

You are given teachers, very sacred teachers along your path. These teachers, or relationships as you call them, are pre-determined to interact with you in order to assist both of your Spirits to evolve ever closer to the Omnipitant`s spark of Divine love. When you peer upon another, an attraction as such, you feel, deeply, a calling for your heart to open to embrace to express. Intimatly at times you may reach outward to express this desire for connection, and at other times meer conversation is the vehicle for a healing connection. When as a human, you are drawn to another, it is for the expressed lesson of finding the depths of your inner truths, reflections of the wounds that keep you from those depths and an opportunity to heal within yourself…in other words your lover, your partner, your friend are all deep and truthful reflections of the angst, love and Light found within yourself. Allow me to demonstrate….

Your path brings you to the spark of another, a partner perhaps, a lover, a friend. At the level of Spirit, both recognize one another as teachers for each others Highest good, this may not be known conciously, oft more than other it is recognized as what you call a like, a connection. The familiar feeling of love, passion, the familiar scent of joy, the reflection of the Divines Light in the eyes of another awakens. The opening to that moment of connection is the direct result of the opening to ones heart, the embracing of the inner self expression, the link to the truest most authentic feeling of love found and is being experienced through the teacher that has arrived in the form of a relationship.

Now, lessons can begin. If intolerace infiltrates the love relationship, is it hate? Ney, it is the Spiritual eye of thy self seeing in another the wounds within yourself reflecting to you those parts of which beg, becon, call upon you to heal, but most important, it is an opportunity to engage in teachings that will free you to the relm of ultimate love! The impatience with a child can surely reflect impatience but also teach patience, the anger of anothers follies can surely reflect the anger at ones own follies but also relfect a calling to fun and laughter, the disconnect from love of ones beloved can surely teach the potent pain of disconnect from the self. Every single being, be it human, animal, plant or other is a direct gift given to teach you what it is that is of most value to free your heart. Is your partner cold, detached, unloving, you are being asked to be an observer of that within yourself and to be warm, loving, connected….to yourself!

Relationship from the perspective of our insights as guides is not for the purpose of interconnected submission to a doctrine of suffering, it is not about stifling the heart to submit to the perception of committment, it is about seeing within another all the reflections of the self and course correcting them within the self, and from there we, your guides can assist you in finding the peace you seek. Take all that you judge on another, all that you love for another, all that you anger for another, all that you hate, all that you desire, all that you feel, sense and know…look upon thyself and see these within the self, and see the reflection asked of you, for the person you are with is meerly teaching from their Spirit to yours the lessons of Love, first of thyself, second of one another….love of the self is love of the Omnipitant Source of all love that is, if the lesson of love of the self is learnt, then the power, the strength, courage, and joy is present to love all, be it prisoner or pauper, be it rich or ragged, be it the greedy or the giving, all will be seen for the Light within, your Light within will be shining, and the Light, the spark of the Omnipitants Light will be present for all to share on your Earth.

True healing happens for all…when love is the reflection to this earth, from one heart to another. From this place of love, each is free to manifest and express their truest self, unbridled, without burden, without judgement…all relationships are Spirit to Spirit communication for the Highest good or your Spiritual evolution. Once the relationship interactions have been embraced and recognized as teachings and are truly understood, one may then move on to the next teacher, move forth to a new connection with the relationship, but shifts must occur once awakenings begin. Some teachers come forth for your lifetime, some for a moment, some to awaken through stirring your very core, others through sadness and tears, some are partners in conversations of woes and regrets, some come to demonstrate of distance from ourselves through the vulnerable demonstration of the distance from themselves. All are in the moment for the moment for the ultimate lessons of Love. Be an observer of your relationships, reflect to yourself all you say of another, see the truths of their wounds within you and see the reflection of what is being asked of you to heal your heart, do you long for another…perhaps it is longing for oneself, and in longing for oneself, perhaps it is longing of the Omnipitants love and a connection to your Spirits wings to fly freely, to live, to love.

I reflected on this discourse many times, and took a deep look at my own journey. The teachings around reflection often show us that if I see anger in another, to find my own anger and heal it, but what I found in Nathans teachings is that it takes it one step further, …yes see the reflection of anger within me, but also see the Light, the spark as he calls it of the teaching, that being to see that anger reflects love, patience, kindness, and so many other expressions of connections. In other words, see the wound that is within me when shared by another, but also see the gift of the healing and what is necessary for the ultimate goal of Love to manifest.

The goal of Spirit growth is not to only search and explore the wounds, its to embrace the expressed Light and bring that forth for all to share. I also learnt from this discourse, all that I long for with another is what I long for within, and until I am willing to manifest that with me, the depths of that expression or relationship will not be fully expressed in my life with another. If I long to have love, touch, connection, the joy, laughter,bliss in a relationship, I long for this to be me and from me. Living from the space of being Love to me, touching my life, connecting, joyful laughter and bliss within my heart has opened my life to an incredible gift of sharing and connection. The longing for another turns into a more balanced interaction, I am fulfilled therefore I can fulfill, and from there I can follow the guidance around my relationships verses reacting to them . I learnt from Nathans teachings that it is not my partners responsibility to create my happiness, love or freedom, my partner is my teacher to show me how to find that within me, and only then can I follow the guidance as to what needs to manifest freely through the relationship and in my life.

Im deeply honored that you have taken the time to share in these discourses with Nathan, and as with all of his teachings, take time to ponder, question and reflect….your own truth will guide you.
Wishing you many blessings..

Spirits Call

Through out the years of providing Readings for people, the one common question I find is, how do I live the most authentic life possible, how can I find my purpose and follow it faithfully and with great passion. I posed this question to Nathan, and this is the response He gave……

My beloved, it is the quest of the human Spirit to live in complete and utter alignment with the energy of the Omnipitant Source of all, to return to a state of Love, and to express this Love in the unique form for which it has been given unto thee. The Omnipitant Source vibrates with the essence of tranquil love, a love that is complimentary to all beings existance, a love that becons your heart to return to its essential self. But the quest remains questioned, how do I walk this path you ask, how do I live as the me I came here to be?….to this I say…

There is only one true mission of the Spirit and that is to openly and unconditionally support the expression of love in all that is around you, within you, beside you, near you with the utmost of peace and gratitude. Your mission is to open thy eyes and see that before you is all that is ever needed, all that is true, all that is your teacher your guide your mystery, your authentic self, for all that is in existence is what is…right now! Open your eyes and observe the sunshine and all the colors, warmth and love that exists within this moment, observe the flight of a bird, observe observe, realize that you are not all knowing, your science is entertaining to us but very very limited, your conclusions make for interesting limited observations, but if for only a moment you sit peacefully, humbly and with an open compassionate heart and breathe in deeply the moment at hand, only then can you begin to ask and to explore the truth of your incarnation, from this point you are aligned with the only truth, that which is here and now, and from this point you can engage in the energies that support your true authentic path…..let me demonstrate…

The typical pattern of human interpretation of essential true self expression is to plan, look forward, research, work through, spiritualize, intellectualize, materialize, itemize the callings and longings of the mind. In the human way, one thinks of a desire, then focuses on that desire with unbridled zest, making the object of desire an all encompassing journey, all focus is on the desire at hand. This proceedure leaves little to no room for your Guides, Ancestors and Sacred Ones to assist you to the creation of the authentic you.

As Guides, we ask for the space to communicate with you the teachings of your Spirits quest and the space to make manifest the most authentic expression of your journey. This space is found in the peaceful present moment conciousness that is filled with gratitude and love. We ask you to sit peacefully, be present, observe your world, silence the chatter of the mind, look with enormous gratitude to your world, feel warmth in your being even for the suffering and challenges, when you feel this place of peace deep within, ask US, not the mind, invoke your Guides, Ancestors and Higher Self and request …may I be of service for the highest calling of my Spirit. Ask US to show you the truth of your life, ask US to take leadership. How will you know that we, your Guides and your Ominipitant Source have responded…a feeling of a flutter, a silent whisper, a gentle tremor of fear yet assertion begins to awaken within you, a vision will pass before you either in a spoken word of another, a vision infront of you, or a silent whisper in your ear, and WE , your sacred ones, will request of you that which your mind will resist, will deny, will fill you with fear. We are not here for your comfort, that is the illusionary mission of the mind… we are here to assure that your most highest self , most authentic expression of your incarnation manifests during your life path. Your discomfort comes in your resistence and lack of presence in the moment. You begin to worry about the future, the present, the past, you begin to negotiate, negate, live in fear…this blocks our path, meerly go deeper with your surrender, with your request for our truth to be shown to you, and the follies of the mind shall be passed.

Guidance towards the authentic self, when given from Spirit will feel unusual, perhaps something you never thought to be, or something you always had a silent awarness of but denied the self. If in that moment of revelation you say yes to the possibility, the path begins to open for US to do work with you, and to guide you to your truest self. Be aware, we are not concerned about the things you wish us to be concerned about such as jobs, money, relationships, prestige, and more, we are concerned with love, the ultimate manifestation of that love, and the unique way in which you will express love on this your planet earth. We do not negotiate, but we will step aside and allow you to feel the longing for your truth, and we will step aside when the mind becomes involved hence making the task at hand difficult, challenging and far removed from love. But, if you live in the space we ask, if you ask for OUR presence and say yes to the vision we give, and remain present and aware of our guidance, the flow of life, abundance, love, beauty and so much more comes to thee as easily as the very breath you breathe.

– Nathan

In my life, I have many dreams, hopes and desires, afterall that is part of being human! I dream of eating my way through the countryside of Italy, oh such decadence, I desire to be healthy and in good physical shape, and I love designer shoes of every kind! I am a Spirit having a human experience, and just like I do when I go on vacation, I take in the sites, the pleasures and desires of the journey I am on. That being said, I have learnt throught the teachings of Nathan, that for those places where I long to be me, to express me, to give the true and most authentic part of me a voice and expression in this world it is important to be in the utmost alignment with the Guidance and truth of my higher self, not my mind. I have applied the teachings (shown above) of Nathan and have eperienced the manifestation of my most profound, abundant, joyous, challenging, fear filled, blissful, loving TRUE parts of my authentic self expression . I have found the career of my truest self, I have found the most ultimate love, I have flourished abundantly and more, and at times I have cried, pained, had my sand based foundations crumble, lost friends, family and money, and felt empty and lost….I realize that in order for the Highest Sacred Energy to be authentically expressed through me, the parts of self that only serve the human desires must be realigned and rearranged, and only when I fight the release of me to my Guides do I suffer the most.

As with all discourses from Nathan, please take your time to ponder the teaching, perhaps journal your thoughts, and realize the truths that may exist for you within the words He shares. Im deeply honored that you have chosen to share this reading with me!

Until next month
I wish you many blessings and Light

Mother Earth awaits your Love….

DSC00058The waters flow, filled with Mother Earth’s tears of pain and joy, ever so suppressed by the careless walk humans take upon Her. Mother Earth, she gives you all, she is all, she is the sacred love you seek, yet as humans traverse upon her sacred self, do they do so with the respect, honor, deserving of Her? Are humans aware of the humble connection necessary to embrace Her and heal? …Her persistence in assisting you to awaken to Love is both mesmerizing and alarming. To learn the lesson of a Love connection with the Earth, follow the teachings of a great teacher, the Eagle, as he shows the ease of a harmonious existance with all beings that exist on this planet. As you watch the Eagle soar above, see the power of this Divine messanger as he plays with the gentle breezes. The wind, it carries the Eagle far and near, the Eagle dances with the Wind, the Wind dances with the Eagle….neither one is intimidating, taking, manipulating or stripping the other, ney, both are in harmony each respecting the other, both filled with the Love of connecting with another as it is intended to be. This teacher, the Eagle reminds you that if humans dance with the forces of nature, if humans embrace the sacred rythms of this Earth, they will blissfully glide through life, sharing Love and will be carried by the breath of the Divine.

The Earth, a sacred teacher……..
DSC00056Many say the Earth is suffering, that the Earth is angry, sick, hurt…the Earth, she is not weak or marred, ney, she is not crying tears of pain and is not focused on destruction, these are follies of the rightous minds that wish to spread fear and intimidation. The Earth, yes she cries, but in joy for the release of the insults laid upon her, the mighty rivers pour over humans not to condemn or make suffer, these are not the ill wishes or damning ways of a vengeful God, what God is vengeful but the one made up in the mind! The rivers overflow with the cleansing force of a mighty tear given to you to help wash and cleanse the sufferings of human way. The Earth shows her mighty strength, and in so doing humans learn to love, to connect, to help one another, humans learn humility, and humble living, the lessons of community and caring, perseverence and kindness, as well as the simplicity of oneness and the beauty of the rythms of nature. The Earth remindes you to live from the place of love for one another when the mighty rivers roar, you are reminded that not a home, car, fancy fair or wear is of anything more than a moment in space and time, you are reminded that love, and connectedness is the only place and space for which all have come to live, strive and flourish.

The Power of Love and connectedness…..
DSC00070Humans, upon the cleansing of the rivers across the land, upon the shaking of the earth and the storms that come upon you, have an opportunity to be in awe of the power of the Mother, and the power of love and connectedness you have for one another. According to Divine order, there are no boarders, there are no fences, no colors of people, no nations, no boundaries, all is the essential part of self, all beings are made of the essence of the sacred plan…all are one… all are love. The Earth is here to remind you of this…the Earth is not sick or dying, the Earth is reviving and reminding humans of the importance of living from love and respect for all beings and the Earth…She will survive, the Earth always does, it is the humans that need to awaken, it is the humans that need to wisen to the ancient ways of loving the Earth, it is the humans whom stand before the trials of time and must look deep within and correct the thoughts and ways that no longer grace and respect all beings and this planet. Humans are overheated with greed and need, humans are shaking at the foundations of their own existence, humans rage with anger and fire, humans take and deplete…you call it an ill planet, ney, we call it human suffering!

Living a life of Concious awareness and love……
DSC00084This Earth, she asks you to remember these lessons, and in remembering these lessons, she cleanses, she finds peace…all beings find oneness with this earth when all beings find oneness with one another. The furry and feathered, the two legged and four, the winged and the wind, all are equal in the eyes of the Divine, all equal in the calling for respect, kindness, honor, all one…do you ask to cut the limb of a tree, or do you take it as your own? Do you ask to redirect a river or do you do as you need? Do you respect the creatures of all kinds as you respect human creatures, have you forgotten beloveds that simple simple reflection of love and respect?…that is what the lesson Mother Earth reminds us….respect, connect, love…in this She is rejoicing, in this She, the Earth shall heal us. The human is so errogant as to think it is the earth that needs to heal, no, it is the humans that need to heal…she is meerly helping that realization come into play. – Nathan

The writing from Nathan that I share with you came to me as I sat near the Bow River in Banff Alberta. I was observing the power of the water as it ran over the slate grey stones, and I felt a strong urge to ask Nathan about the suffering of the planet, it quickly became evident with the words that came forth, that is was not the suffering of the planet, but the suffering of human-kind that needed the urgent attention, and the Earth, with all of its gracious love and power was offering us many opportunities to awaken to the destructive path we have set forth for not only the Earth, but for all beings on this planet.

IMG_0576_1Just like a loving parent, Mother Earth gives us opportunities to realize our greed, suffering, our lack of connection and awareness, the Mother Earth gives us a chance to experience love, connection, community, courage, persistence, humility, humbleness, kindness with each other and all inhabitants of our planet. It indeed became an eye opener to see the events of this planet (floods, quakes, etc.) from this perspective, from the place of taking personal responsibility and thanking my gracious teacher, the Mother Earth for all the She shares!

writing with nathanFor the next month, allow yourself to live in awareness of your connection to all beings and all aspects of this Earth. When you walk upon the Earth, be grateful for all that it gives you, give kindness to the birds, animals, look at all the parts of this planet that surround you as an extention of you and you as an extention of this planet….Be green and clean, yes for sure, but also be connected and directed to Love, gratitude and respect. This Earth belongs to all inhabitants, it is not ours (humans) to use as we see fit, we are mere visitors, tenants as such of a sacred home.

Next Month, February, I will expand on the teachings of Love. Nathan has shared many discourses on love, what better time then the month of Love to share his writings on that topic with you!

As with all discourses from Nathan, I hope you take time to meditate on the words, and find within yourself reflections of truth that may resonate with your life path. These discourses are intended to assist all of us to awaken to our Higher calling.

Until we meet again in February, I wish you many blessings, Im honored that you have taken the time to share in the teachings of Nathan…

photos 5 and 6 courtesy of Mother Earth Therapy