Books Co-Authored by Elaine Pace and Denise Appelmans

The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life


A Spirit Guide called Nathan (the Spirit Guide who has assisted Denise in her work for over 14 years) converses with a modern day woman, through an Intuitive, to share life-altering teachings about gratitude and love.
Discover a revolutionary approach to living your authentic life, by following a seldom-heard pathway of gratitude. Unleash the fullness of you, to live your life fully, completely, as you have come here to do.
First in a series of teachings on love, The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life offers a fresh perspective that will entice you to embrace the sacredness of your life, the lives of others, and the miracle you are created for in fully being you.

New Release… The Unfoldment


The Unfoldment continues Nathan’s dialogue with his student, who is keen to live the life she came here to live, but doesn’t think it is possible. Nor does she know how to create it. Nathan teaches her how to live with passion, according to heart’s desires, and offers her many tools to unfold all aspects of herself. Even though she falls numerous times and scrapes her knees, Nathan’s teaches his student how to pick herself up again and apply the wisdom needed to create her life anew.
The Unfoldment can be read in conjunction with The Miracle of Gratitude, The Miracle of Life, or on its own.

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Both titles are available online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Balboa Press, and directly from the authors at . Denise also welcomes your request for signed copies of these books.