Join Nathan for Teachings on Love and Gratitude

Commencing October 1st 2014, I will begin to share teachings by Nathan, my Spirit Guide, focused on love and Gratitude.  It has been a busy few years putting together our book, “The Relinquishment” therefore I have been unable to attend to my blog….I thank you for your patience!  Stay tuned, I think you will really enjoy the upcoming series of teachings!

Best Wishes



Many times I am asked in a reading to connect with guidance regarding relationships. For some, they are contemplating divorce, for others seperation, and for many they seek to establish a peaceful co-existence in which all members of the family or all involved in the relationship can have peace. I connected with Nathan for a discourse on relationships, and today, I would like to share this teaching with you…..

The great mystery of human interaction continues to challenge people to come closer to their hearts and awaken their inner vision to see that in all situations Spirit is present. What you term relationships is looked upon by your Higher Self as an opportunity to observe and manifest the greatest teachings of the Omnipitant Source of all love.

You are given teachers, very sacred teachers along your path. These teachers, or relationships as you call them, are pre-determined to interact with you in order to assist both of your Spirits to evolve ever closer to the Omnipitant`s spark of Divine love. When you peer upon another, an attraction as such, you feel, deeply, a calling for your heart to open to embrace to express. Intimatly at times you may reach outward to express this desire for connection, and at other times meer conversation is the vehicle for a healing connection. When as a human, you are drawn to another, it is for the expressed lesson of finding the depths of your inner truths, reflections of the wounds that keep you from those depths and an opportunity to heal within yourself…in other words your lover, your partner, your friend are all deep and truthful reflections of the angst, love and Light found within yourself. Allow me to demonstrate….

Your path brings you to the spark of another, a partner perhaps, a lover, a friend. At the level of Spirit, both recognize one another as teachers for each others Highest good, this may not be known conciously, oft more than other it is recognized as what you call a like, a connection. The familiar feeling of love, passion, the familiar scent of joy, the reflection of the Divines Light in the eyes of another awakens. The opening to that moment of connection is the direct result of the opening to ones heart, the embracing of the inner self expression, the link to the truest most authentic feeling of love found and is being experienced through the teacher that has arrived in the form of a relationship.

Now, lessons can begin. If intolerace infiltrates the love relationship, is it hate? Ney, it is the Spiritual eye of thy self seeing in another the wounds within yourself reflecting to you those parts of which beg, becon, call upon you to heal, but most important, it is an opportunity to engage in teachings that will free you to the relm of ultimate love! The impatience with a child can surely reflect impatience but also teach patience, the anger of anothers follies can surely reflect the anger at ones own follies but also relfect a calling to fun and laughter, the disconnect from love of ones beloved can surely teach the potent pain of disconnect from the self. Every single being, be it human, animal, plant or other is a direct gift given to teach you what it is that is of most value to free your heart. Is your partner cold, detached, unloving, you are being asked to be an observer of that within yourself and to be warm, loving, connected….to yourself!

Relationship from the perspective of our insights as guides is not for the purpose of interconnected submission to a doctrine of suffering, it is not about stifling the heart to submit to the perception of committment, it is about seeing within another all the reflections of the self and course correcting them within the self, and from there we, your guides can assist you in finding the peace you seek. Take all that you judge on another, all that you love for another, all that you anger for another, all that you hate, all that you desire, all that you feel, sense and know…look upon thyself and see these within the self, and see the reflection asked of you, for the person you are with is meerly teaching from their Spirit to yours the lessons of Love, first of thyself, second of one another….love of the self is love of the Omnipitant Source of all love that is, if the lesson of love of the self is learnt, then the power, the strength, courage, and joy is present to love all, be it prisoner or pauper, be it rich or ragged, be it the greedy or the giving, all will be seen for the Light within, your Light within will be shining, and the Light, the spark of the Omnipitants Light will be present for all to share on your Earth.

True healing happens for all…when love is the reflection to this earth, from one heart to another. From this place of love, each is free to manifest and express their truest self, unbridled, without burden, without judgement…all relationships are Spirit to Spirit communication for the Highest good or your Spiritual evolution. Once the relationship interactions have been embraced and recognized as teachings and are truly understood, one may then move on to the next teacher, move forth to a new connection with the relationship, but shifts must occur once awakenings begin. Some teachers come forth for your lifetime, some for a moment, some to awaken through stirring your very core, others through sadness and tears, some are partners in conversations of woes and regrets, some come to demonstrate of distance from ourselves through the vulnerable demonstration of the distance from themselves. All are in the moment for the moment for the ultimate lessons of Love. Be an observer of your relationships, reflect to yourself all you say of another, see the truths of their wounds within you and see the reflection of what is being asked of you to heal your heart, do you long for another…perhaps it is longing for oneself, and in longing for oneself, perhaps it is longing of the Omnipitants love and a connection to your Spirits wings to fly freely, to live, to love.

I reflected on this discourse many times, and took a deep look at my own journey. The teachings around reflection often show us that if I see anger in another, to find my own anger and heal it, but what I found in Nathans teachings is that it takes it one step further, …yes see the reflection of anger within me, but also see the Light, the spark as he calls it of the teaching, that being to see that anger reflects love, patience, kindness, and so many other expressions of connections. In other words, see the wound that is within me when shared by another, but also see the gift of the healing and what is necessary for the ultimate goal of Love to manifest.

The goal of Spirit growth is not to only search and explore the wounds, its to embrace the expressed Light and bring that forth for all to share. I also learnt from this discourse, all that I long for with another is what I long for within, and until I am willing to manifest that with me, the depths of that expression or relationship will not be fully expressed in my life with another. If I long to have love, touch, connection, the joy, laughter,bliss in a relationship, I long for this to be me and from me. Living from the space of being Love to me, touching my life, connecting, joyful laughter and bliss within my heart has opened my life to an incredible gift of sharing and connection. The longing for another turns into a more balanced interaction, I am fulfilled therefore I can fulfill, and from there I can follow the guidance around my relationships verses reacting to them . I learnt from Nathans teachings that it is not my partners responsibility to create my happiness, love or freedom, my partner is my teacher to show me how to find that within me, and only then can I follow the guidance as to what needs to manifest freely through the relationship and in my life.

Im deeply honored that you have taken the time to share in these discourses with Nathan, and as with all of his teachings, take time to ponder, question and reflect….your own truth will guide you.
Wishing you many blessings..

Spirits Call

Through out the years of providing Readings for people, the one common question I find is, how do I live the most authentic life possible, how can I find my purpose and follow it faithfully and with great passion. I posed this question to Nathan, and this is the response He gave……

My beloved, it is the quest of the human Spirit to live in complete and utter alignment with the energy of the Omnipitant Source of all, to return to a state of Love, and to express this Love in the unique form for which it has been given unto thee. The Omnipitant Source vibrates with the essence of tranquil love, a love that is complimentary to all beings existance, a love that becons your heart to return to its essential self. But the quest remains questioned, how do I walk this path you ask, how do I live as the me I came here to be?….to this I say…

There is only one true mission of the Spirit and that is to openly and unconditionally support the expression of love in all that is around you, within you, beside you, near you with the utmost of peace and gratitude. Your mission is to open thy eyes and see that before you is all that is ever needed, all that is true, all that is your teacher your guide your mystery, your authentic self, for all that is in existence is what is…right now! Open your eyes and observe the sunshine and all the colors, warmth and love that exists within this moment, observe the flight of a bird, observe observe, realize that you are not all knowing, your science is entertaining to us but very very limited, your conclusions make for interesting limited observations, but if for only a moment you sit peacefully, humbly and with an open compassionate heart and breathe in deeply the moment at hand, only then can you begin to ask and to explore the truth of your incarnation, from this point you are aligned with the only truth, that which is here and now, and from this point you can engage in the energies that support your true authentic path…..let me demonstrate…

The typical pattern of human interpretation of essential true self expression is to plan, look forward, research, work through, spiritualize, intellectualize, materialize, itemize the callings and longings of the mind. In the human way, one thinks of a desire, then focuses on that desire with unbridled zest, making the object of desire an all encompassing journey, all focus is on the desire at hand. This proceedure leaves little to no room for your Guides, Ancestors and Sacred Ones to assist you to the creation of the authentic you.

As Guides, we ask for the space to communicate with you the teachings of your Spirits quest and the space to make manifest the most authentic expression of your journey. This space is found in the peaceful present moment conciousness that is filled with gratitude and love. We ask you to sit peacefully, be present, observe your world, silence the chatter of the mind, look with enormous gratitude to your world, feel warmth in your being even for the suffering and challenges, when you feel this place of peace deep within, ask US, not the mind, invoke your Guides, Ancestors and Higher Self and request …may I be of service for the highest calling of my Spirit. Ask US to show you the truth of your life, ask US to take leadership. How will you know that we, your Guides and your Ominipitant Source have responded…a feeling of a flutter, a silent whisper, a gentle tremor of fear yet assertion begins to awaken within you, a vision will pass before you either in a spoken word of another, a vision infront of you, or a silent whisper in your ear, and WE , your sacred ones, will request of you that which your mind will resist, will deny, will fill you with fear. We are not here for your comfort, that is the illusionary mission of the mind… we are here to assure that your most highest self , most authentic expression of your incarnation manifests during your life path. Your discomfort comes in your resistence and lack of presence in the moment. You begin to worry about the future, the present, the past, you begin to negotiate, negate, live in fear…this blocks our path, meerly go deeper with your surrender, with your request for our truth to be shown to you, and the follies of the mind shall be passed.

Guidance towards the authentic self, when given from Spirit will feel unusual, perhaps something you never thought to be, or something you always had a silent awarness of but denied the self. If in that moment of revelation you say yes to the possibility, the path begins to open for US to do work with you, and to guide you to your truest self. Be aware, we are not concerned about the things you wish us to be concerned about such as jobs, money, relationships, prestige, and more, we are concerned with love, the ultimate manifestation of that love, and the unique way in which you will express love on this your planet earth. We do not negotiate, but we will step aside and allow you to feel the longing for your truth, and we will step aside when the mind becomes involved hence making the task at hand difficult, challenging and far removed from love. But, if you live in the space we ask, if you ask for OUR presence and say yes to the vision we give, and remain present and aware of our guidance, the flow of life, abundance, love, beauty and so much more comes to thee as easily as the very breath you breathe.

– Nathan

In my life, I have many dreams, hopes and desires, afterall that is part of being human! I dream of eating my way through the countryside of Italy, oh such decadence, I desire to be healthy and in good physical shape, and I love designer shoes of every kind! I am a Spirit having a human experience, and just like I do when I go on vacation, I take in the sites, the pleasures and desires of the journey I am on. That being said, I have learnt throught the teachings of Nathan, that for those places where I long to be me, to express me, to give the true and most authentic part of me a voice and expression in this world it is important to be in the utmost alignment with the Guidance and truth of my higher self, not my mind. I have applied the teachings (shown above) of Nathan and have eperienced the manifestation of my most profound, abundant, joyous, challenging, fear filled, blissful, loving TRUE parts of my authentic self expression . I have found the career of my truest self, I have found the most ultimate love, I have flourished abundantly and more, and at times I have cried, pained, had my sand based foundations crumble, lost friends, family and money, and felt empty and lost….I realize that in order for the Highest Sacred Energy to be authentically expressed through me, the parts of self that only serve the human desires must be realigned and rearranged, and only when I fight the release of me to my Guides do I suffer the most.

As with all discourses from Nathan, please take your time to ponder the teaching, perhaps journal your thoughts, and realize the truths that may exist for you within the words He shares. Im deeply honored that you have chosen to share this reading with me!

Until next month
I wish you many blessings and Light

Mother Earth awaits your Love….

DSC00058The waters flow, filled with Mother Earth’s tears of pain and joy, ever so suppressed by the careless walk humans take upon Her. Mother Earth, she gives you all, she is all, she is the sacred love you seek, yet as humans traverse upon her sacred self, do they do so with the respect, honor, deserving of Her? Are humans aware of the humble connection necessary to embrace Her and heal? …Her persistence in assisting you to awaken to Love is both mesmerizing and alarming. To learn the lesson of a Love connection with the Earth, follow the teachings of a great teacher, the Eagle, as he shows the ease of a harmonious existance with all beings that exist on this planet. As you watch the Eagle soar above, see the power of this Divine messanger as he plays with the gentle breezes. The wind, it carries the Eagle far and near, the Eagle dances with the Wind, the Wind dances with the Eagle….neither one is intimidating, taking, manipulating or stripping the other, ney, both are in harmony each respecting the other, both filled with the Love of connecting with another as it is intended to be. This teacher, the Eagle reminds you that if humans dance with the forces of nature, if humans embrace the sacred rythms of this Earth, they will blissfully glide through life, sharing Love and will be carried by the breath of the Divine.

The Earth, a sacred teacher……..
DSC00056Many say the Earth is suffering, that the Earth is angry, sick, hurt…the Earth, she is not weak or marred, ney, she is not crying tears of pain and is not focused on destruction, these are follies of the rightous minds that wish to spread fear and intimidation. The Earth, yes she cries, but in joy for the release of the insults laid upon her, the mighty rivers pour over humans not to condemn or make suffer, these are not the ill wishes or damning ways of a vengeful God, what God is vengeful but the one made up in the mind! The rivers overflow with the cleansing force of a mighty tear given to you to help wash and cleanse the sufferings of human way. The Earth shows her mighty strength, and in so doing humans learn to love, to connect, to help one another, humans learn humility, and humble living, the lessons of community and caring, perseverence and kindness, as well as the simplicity of oneness and the beauty of the rythms of nature. The Earth remindes you to live from the place of love for one another when the mighty rivers roar, you are reminded that not a home, car, fancy fair or wear is of anything more than a moment in space and time, you are reminded that love, and connectedness is the only place and space for which all have come to live, strive and flourish.

The Power of Love and connectedness…..
DSC00070Humans, upon the cleansing of the rivers across the land, upon the shaking of the earth and the storms that come upon you, have an opportunity to be in awe of the power of the Mother, and the power of love and connectedness you have for one another. According to Divine order, there are no boarders, there are no fences, no colors of people, no nations, no boundaries, all is the essential part of self, all beings are made of the essence of the sacred plan…all are one… all are love. The Earth is here to remind you of this…the Earth is not sick or dying, the Earth is reviving and reminding humans of the importance of living from love and respect for all beings and the Earth…She will survive, the Earth always does, it is the humans that need to awaken, it is the humans that need to wisen to the ancient ways of loving the Earth, it is the humans whom stand before the trials of time and must look deep within and correct the thoughts and ways that no longer grace and respect all beings and this planet. Humans are overheated with greed and need, humans are shaking at the foundations of their own existence, humans rage with anger and fire, humans take and deplete…you call it an ill planet, ney, we call it human suffering!

Living a life of Concious awareness and love……
DSC00084This Earth, she asks you to remember these lessons, and in remembering these lessons, she cleanses, she finds peace…all beings find oneness with this earth when all beings find oneness with one another. The furry and feathered, the two legged and four, the winged and the wind, all are equal in the eyes of the Divine, all equal in the calling for respect, kindness, honor, all one…do you ask to cut the limb of a tree, or do you take it as your own? Do you ask to redirect a river or do you do as you need? Do you respect the creatures of all kinds as you respect human creatures, have you forgotten beloveds that simple simple reflection of love and respect?…that is what the lesson Mother Earth reminds us….respect, connect, love…in this She is rejoicing, in this She, the Earth shall heal us. The human is so errogant as to think it is the earth that needs to heal, no, it is the humans that need to heal…she is meerly helping that realization come into play. – Nathan

The writing from Nathan that I share with you came to me as I sat near the Bow River in Banff Alberta. I was observing the power of the water as it ran over the slate grey stones, and I felt a strong urge to ask Nathan about the suffering of the planet, it quickly became evident with the words that came forth, that is was not the suffering of the planet, but the suffering of human-kind that needed the urgent attention, and the Earth, with all of its gracious love and power was offering us many opportunities to awaken to the destructive path we have set forth for not only the Earth, but for all beings on this planet.

IMG_0576_1Just like a loving parent, Mother Earth gives us opportunities to realize our greed, suffering, our lack of connection and awareness, the Mother Earth gives us a chance to experience love, connection, community, courage, persistence, humility, humbleness, kindness with each other and all inhabitants of our planet. It indeed became an eye opener to see the events of this planet (floods, quakes, etc.) from this perspective, from the place of taking personal responsibility and thanking my gracious teacher, the Mother Earth for all the She shares!

writing with nathanFor the next month, allow yourself to live in awareness of your connection to all beings and all aspects of this Earth. When you walk upon the Earth, be grateful for all that it gives you, give kindness to the birds, animals, look at all the parts of this planet that surround you as an extention of you and you as an extention of this planet….Be green and clean, yes for sure, but also be connected and directed to Love, gratitude and respect. This Earth belongs to all inhabitants, it is not ours (humans) to use as we see fit, we are mere visitors, tenants as such of a sacred home.

Next Month, February, I will expand on the teachings of Love. Nathan has shared many discourses on love, what better time then the month of Love to share his writings on that topic with you!

As with all discourses from Nathan, I hope you take time to meditate on the words, and find within yourself reflections of truth that may resonate with your life path. These discourses are intended to assist all of us to awaken to our Higher calling.

Until we meet again in February, I wish you many blessings, Im honored that you have taken the time to share in the teachings of Nathan…

photos 5 and 6 courtesy of Mother Earth Therapy

A New Year…..

nathan and I by the lake
While reflecting on the year past, I connected with memories of laughter and joy, moments of sadness and tears, lessons learnt, and lessons left behind, people have become new friends, and old friendships have moved on their way. I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with the lessons of my life, and I am very honored to be taught about my life through my connection with Mother Earth and her inhabitants.


mnr lakeside 2010 was a year full of natures sacred teachers and teachings. My time spent in Northwestern Ontario provided me a virtual University level education in the wisdom of our natural wonders. The call of a loon reminded me of the haunting call of my Spirits journey, the millions of stars reflected on the mirror like water of a pristine Canadian lake reminded me of the reflection of the angelic and ancestral guides that watch over me every day and guide me along my path. The sting of a wasp gave me the opportunity to awaken to the present moment, a harsh reminder of staying present verses worrying about the days to come. Observing the intricate workmanship of a beavers house gave me the gift of learning about perseverance as well as the importance of creating a home. So many lessons, too many to list….this place we call our home, Mother Earth, she is a sacred space that offers us an opportunity for a true connection to Spirit and the most liberating teachings we can ever experience. If you are looking for guidance in your life, if you are seeking to connect with a guide, Nature and our blessed Mother Earth offers an opportunity to connect with both in a most
brilliant, loving, gentle way…all she, our Mother Earth asks in return is respect, love, and gratitude.

writing with nathan
In the upcoming year, my focus on this blog will be to share with you the discourses I received from Nathan from 1997 – the summer of 2010. The teachings of Nathan are focused on assisting us to embrace our authentic self, to live by the seven emanations of Divine love (love, kindness, peace, joy, passion, respect, compassion), and the sacred connection offered when we observe and interact with Guidance offered in our everyday life. The discourses that Nathan shares with us originate from the wisdom found in Nature. Nathan teaches us that all of natures inhabitants and all the nations of this Earth are sacred, skilled, and knowledgeable teachers who humbly offer sacred teachings in every moment of every day. In sharing the discourses with you over the next year, my prayer is that you will deepen your relationship with your own sacred guidance, empower your healing journey, awaken to the healing energies around you, and embrace a loving compassionate journey with Mother Earth.

I look forward to connecting with you in the second week of January, and the second week of every month there after…..until then, I wish you many blessings and Light, may 2011 be your best year ever!!
photos courtesy of Mother Earth Therapy

waves mnr Today, I exist as the Light you watch dancing across the lake, tomorrow I am the wind playing with your hair, I am the moon you watch wax and wane throughout the night. I am the passion in your heart, the tears in your eyes, I am the very breath that gives you life. I hear you when you are silent, thy presence is felt when you sit softly and whisper…I need you…you are never without me, only be still and be with me today, ah sweet whisper of Divine Light then shall fill they heart!

Know that I am one with Spirit, I place myself between the world of Spirit and your own earth bound life. I share with you that which your Highest Self intends to manifest for this incarnation. I share with you that which is far beyond mind, far beyond conscious intellectual thoughts .

Be assured, I will remind you who you are…in those silent spaces, silent whispers, and the sensation of longing for that which is true to you, it is there that I whisper softly the heart song of your life. -Nathan

Looking for the Guidance, verses looking for your Guide

IMG00038-20100311-1944I just love this picture of my horse Jack, can you believe it, a smiling horse!! If I believed more in my logic, evidence based mind, I would have never connected with the opportunity to witness a smiling horse, I would have negated the experience, explained it away, or simply turned a blind eye, but because I choose to believe in possibilities, in the unknown, the unreasonable, I enjoyed the utter bliss of watching my horse pose and smile for the camera! Yes, Im using this example again in this blog post because I really want to bring a special message to you, and this just seems to be the most effective way. My special message is, and you have heard it before, in order to live life fully, to explore, create and connect with your highest guidance, in order to live your life in alignment with your most powerful expression of the real you, it is most powerful and effective to start living in the present moment, being boldly alert for the subtle signs, gentle whispers, the unusual events that are the guideposts made visible by your guides for you to endulge in and explore the answers to your questions. You may not know your Guide, but you can know the guidance that is given to you!
“Where is DSC00180my Spirit Guide?”
Day after day in my Work as an Intuitive, I am asked, “please help me find my Guide”. I understand the interest in that, it is important to feel a sense of connection to a source of Spiritual strength, but my answer remains the same with every person who asks, seek to find the guidance in every day, in that you will find your Guide….your Guide is not just a Spiritual being with a name and cosmic address, your Guide is not vested in identifying themself to you, in fact, they may never show themselves personally to you (sorry to say), but, is that of utmost importance in your life, to see the vision of a Guide? Wouldnt you rather live your life in alignment with the guidance of your Highest Self, then wait for the appearance of a Being to affirm your Spiritual journey? Every moment of every day there are messages from Guides, from Spirits Guidance, all around us, but the busy aspects of life, the concious thoughts of doubt or disbelief, or whatever other reason, we can miss these magic filled moments that give us the chance to live our life to the fullest expression of who we are. As I have mentioned in my other blog posts, the energy of guidance is most drawn to an attitude of gratitude, even if you are grateful for the opportunity to be upset or angry, that opens the gateway to further work from your higher conciousness. Once gratitude is expressed, ask, ASK TO BE SHOWN, the guides love to show you the way, for in showning lies the opportunity for free will, or your chance to choose whether or not you wish to explore what lies ahead of you…free will gives us the chance to “grow or say no”, you are indeed the captian of your ship, the master of your universe, you are being given an oppotunity to explore that role. Gratitude, asking to be shown, then living alert, in flow with and willing to take the risks, feel uncomfortable, receive, embrace, relax, laugh, cry, express, feel, being willing to be alive. Oh yes, instead of all of this, you can wait for “someone” to appear in a magic cloak, or a Spiritual big wig to beam a gracious ray of sacred light upon you, or, you can live your life….LIVE your life actively, on the edge of the pulse of your reality, embracing your chances to grow. The Guidance from the sacred is not intended for your comfort…if you say to your divine source, “I want to live my life”, “I want to be write a book”, “I want to make money”, then of course, express your desire with gratitude, then be prepared for the process. The process is often more times then not, three fold…
1) Surrender to Guidance: As Oprah recently revealed in her interview with Babara Walters, her daily prayer to God is, “Use me, till Im all used up!”, surrender has taken place…the door is open now, ah yes indeed the Guidance is awakened
2)Relinquish the old foundation: If a foundation of a home is full of cracks, creeks, fungus, mold, before a new home is built upon it, it must either be demolished, revamped, re-newed in some form or another so that it can be strong enough to hold up the new home. You have asked Spirit to help you, then allow Spirit to rebuild you. Watch daily, in the present moment for signs, does your relationship need a new format from which to exist, is there something, a truth perhaps that you need to say or see, are old patterns, old methods holding you back, is the clutter and junk in your home or car stagnating your energy, is your relationship with money one of trust and abundance or scarcity and fear?…all of this needs to be under construction and renewed, a new foundation as such. Do you remember the prayer of St. Francis (if not, there are lots of versions of it on the net), if you experience hatred, try love, if you experience scarcity, try abundance, if you experience abandonment look for connection (perhaps to yourself!)…the guidance will show you your path, its guarenteed, but not in the way you think it otta be, no indeed, it will be in miraculous ways…an old friend or foe calls to connect, it may not be what you wanted, but explore the moment and listen for the whispers of your mind, you many not be able to pay all your bills, but look around, what DO you have. I think you get my drift…
3)Stop preparing to one day be ready to live your life provided that all the ducks are lined up in a row and your life is wonderful and secure and great and everything is exactly as you think it should be….whew, my hands hurt after typing that one!! I can hear my English teacher in my mind yelling “run on sentence!!!” Imagine how tiring it must be to be a guide giving constant clues, and guidance and to be refused, or put on hold because someone is struggling with trusting their world. Ever heard the term “let go and let God (or whatever you want to call it)” Recently someone told me, “I want to live my life and have fun”, so my question is, are you living your life and having fun as you search for what it is that will give you permission to live your life and have fun!! Do you want to write…then write! Do you want to dance, then dance!! Do you want to be healthy again, in love, then do and be what you need to do to be what it is that you want to be. Take an afternoon and study those great minds, be it famous or those in your neighborhood and really take a look at the pattern that brought them to a true expression of their Spirit filled life…you will see it,…gratitude, asking to be shown, surrender, relinquishing (usually their comfort zone), and taking action, often times without being completely secure in the outcome. Please dont believe this blog, go out into your life and prove it to yourself. Actually, take one small thing in your life and apply the process….have gratitude for your life and the Guidance you will receive, ask to be shown, surrender to the present moment, reliquish old cracked foundations and ways to the new Spirit driven guidance, take chances and live your life! Spirit is always keeping its eye on you, look deep into that eye and just take a chance and say yes to life!
DSC00041Life is a buffet….
Life is a virtual buffet, with so many opportunities awaiting us, if we sit at the buffet of life and only look at one plate offered on that buffet, or wait to meet the chef before we try any of the buffet, so much can be missed! You can wait to meet your Guide, pay some psychic $800 bucks per half hour to find out the name of your guide, or take copious amounts of courses trying to identify your guide, or…you can live your life knowing that Guidances presence is in everything all the time. Every moment is sacred, every being a display of Divine wisdom, all creatures are teachers, all friends are family, all family are friends, those who are your foes are your teachers as well. Every breath you take has been given to you, every sunset is the silencing of the day for a new beginning tomorrow…maybe. Try this at your Christmas dinner, sit at the table, take only one item on your plate, eat only that for the entire evening, observe everyone opening their gifts, just sit on the side of life observing, minimize your experience of the buffet before you, see how it feels…now, I would not advise trying this of course…Im meerly being dramatic for the sake of assisting you to see the beauty that is before you if you just allow it to be, if you take a plate at the buffet of life and give it a try. When will it be the right time to take ahold of your health, the very moment it is slipping away…or the very moment you realize it has been given to you as a gift? When will it be time to write that book,…when all your information is lined up and everyone is all around you, hmm, didnt Harry Potter start on a bus in England out of the blue?! Remember the smiling horse, when you least expect it, when you believe it can be so, when you are present in the moment, it is amazing what will bring you the joy you seek…why, it could even be something as simple as a smiling horse reminding you that life is beautiful, and worth a smile!
As with all my blog posts, please take the time to reveiw the information, then meditate and reflect on what is in alignment with your life path, and live accordingly. My next post, just before the New Year will be a gathering of Nathan’s words, recorded over the last few years, I think you will find it an inspirational way to start your New Year off. For all of you, I wish a most magical, wonderful Holiday Season….Im deeply honored to share this life with you!
Best Wishes


My Guide or my mind?!

nathan and I by the lakeMy Guide or my mind?!
“Dearest one, I speak to you not in loud demanding tones, I am not the one who boasts words of hatred, judgment or denial, ney, I am the Light that shines on your every word, way or shadow, I am the voice, that still silent, whispered voice that softly leads you to your highest calling. I see only beauty in you, I provoke you not, but I guide you gently, softly to the center of your heart.” – Nathan

Continuing on with my series focused on demystifying Spirit Guides, this blog post will focus on the benefits of present moment conciousness with regards to connecting with Spirits guidance, as well as assisting you to develop a way of understanding the conversation that occurs within your being, and how you can decifer if it is the sacred whispers of guidance or the ego mind attempting to drag you down yet another side road.

berry pickingPresent moment conciousness: Ah yes indeed, the buzz phrase of the year! Made popular by a fantastic best selling book, the world became familiar with the concept of being more aware. Present moment conciousness is an experience of allowing your being to be completely connected to your current experience and allowing your mind, body, heart and Spirit to embrace the task at hand. For example, while picking blueberries your whole concentration is on the moment at hand, you are keenly aware of the beautiful lush berries, the hot August sun warming your back, the gentle breeze, the bear coming out of the woods to eat you…ha ha, just seeing if you were concentrating on this moment or thinking about making a blueberry pie! If ,while picking the berries I am thinking about how many I can score to take home, if I am planning my pies, pie crusts, who I will give some to , who I wont, worrying if a bear will eat me, or if a bee will sting me…these all lead us away from being in the present moment. When you are totally in the present moment, you are more aware of the bear in the bushes or the bee about to sting you because your internal observer is on high alert, your instincts, intuition, your senses are hightened, you are aware of everything around you, including… the guidance from Spirit that awaits you. Being in the present moment is the time to ask for guidance, the present moment is the sacred time to ask to be shown the path for which you seek answers for your life journey. The present moment offers you an opportunity to become the observer, the one who sits deep inside your heart and instinctively watches, senses and guides you forth despite the callings of the mind or fears. For instance, if I am craving chocolate, and the craving is overcoming me, if my mind is chatting how I deserve a treat, how stressed or tired I am, (notice how the mind is referencing to past emotions and future fears) if in that moment I breathe, maybe even hold the chocolate bar and observe it, if I stop and observe the conversation within my head, I will notice that I am not in the present moment observing my life, that I am attached to and engaged with the rage of the mind, or the retoric I have received from others along my life path may be running my internal dialogue, I can even ask (as I so often do) who is speaking in my head…is this really me, is this really what I want. The incessant chatter, the voice of judgement, delay, justification and negotiating are indicators that guidance is not at hand, but the mind is in full swing! Always focus on bringing yourself back to the present moment. Who is really speaking, is the person Im arguing with really here at this moment, is the chocolate bar really what I want, what is it that I really want, is it peace, communication, creativity, calling yourself back to present moment conciousness is a sure way to open the gateways to communication with Guidance and intuition. As an animal lives in an instinctual state of being in the moment, they are able to follow the whispers of their Spirits guidance, the animals once again teach us how to be the Spirit we came here to be. As an Intuitive I am able to read energy and talk to Spirit(s) because in my time of meditation during a reading I fully bring myself to the present moment and simply observe the images and sounds that come before me, no judgment or thought, just receiving. In silence, in presence, in a moment of quiet I am able to receive the vibrations intended from Spirit. Be present, if the mind chatters ask who is really speaking and come back to the task or moment at hand, and in that space, ask to be shown your path (pertaining to a question you may have).

waves mnrSilence of the waves: So, to decifer if you are listening to your Guidance of Spirit or your mind, you have chosen to allow yourself to be in the present moment, to be aware of the task at hand, to meditate on or connect to the moment you are currently in, and in that moment you are a mere observer of all that is around you, all the sensations all the gifts of the present moment. In the present moment you may decide to ask a question of your Higher Self, perhaps it is about your life purpose, or a question about a relationship, or a question about overindulgences. Your question is not one of wanting to know, but to ask to be shown, this opens the gateway for waves of sacred lessons Divinely intended for your Highest purpose to come forth. If you ask to be shown, you guidance is then unrestricted, it is allowed to ebb and flow, it is given permission to show you both the light and the shadows of the answers to your question. You may want to ask to be shown what it is that you need to adjust in relationships, to be shown the path to an addiction free life, to be shown the words for a book, or to be shown the presence of your Spirits love for you. There is a vast difference between asking to be shown, or asking for specifics like, I would like to be caffiene or alcohol free, I would like to write a childrens book, I would like to earn more money…all fine and well, but if we ask to be shown the path to be shown our healing path of addiction, to be shown our creative gift of writing, if we ask to be shown Spirit will reveal, revel in and release all the information necessary to guide you on your path. Remember the importance of gratitude, before asking for guidance, give gratitude for the moment in which you are present and gratitude after asking for guidance, the Higher self loves gratitude! Also, be open to being shown, perhaps one needs to completely understand the control or pain and suffering that the addiction to chocolate or certain habit patterns has on their life, observe, watch what is unfolding before you, write, pray meditate on what you experience. It will be tempting to become emotionally involved in what is being unfolded before you, but observe as if you are watching a play unfold before you, …you may feel the emotions, cry, cheer, but you are watching things unfold on the stage of your life, mere actors are revealing your clues and messages for the answers to your question. As you receive and observe your answers, be present and follow the calling of your heart, you will know it is your heart because it will be subtle, peaceful, usually single words or gentle pushes from the Spiritual energy around you. As an animal feels (key word is sensation based) or senses it is time to move, they do so, this is a lesson for humans as well, to listen to the whispers of your heart verses the dictates of the mind. Remember, be present, ask to be shown, and observe your life in the present moment over the next few days (including dreams), you will see many many clues, words, sharings and more that will guide you along your path to the answers you truly seek.

Remember: Be present in the task, or moment at hand. In that present state have gratitude and ask that you be shown (whatever it is that you are seeking) for the highest good of your life path. Observe in the present moment over the next few days the lessons and gifts given in the direction of an answer to your question. Watch the stage of your life reveal the play you have been watching and the messages necessary to assist you on your path. This is a wonderful way to watch Spirits guidance at work!

IMG00038-20100311-1944 A smiling horse! For those of you who are skeptics about a horses ability to smile, this is my horse Jack, and yes, he is smiling, there are smiling horses in the world! Spirits voice, when it speaks to us is like a smiling horse, it is unexpected, it is out of the ordinary, it makes you smile (or laugh, be shocked, cry, run), you need to be very present to catch it, the mind needs to move past its limiting belief system, it evokes an emotion that stirs deep within you. Guidance rarely, if ever, appears like rose pettles being strewn across the pathway of life accented by angelic harpsicords playing in the background…it is subtle, silent, and often speckled with the unusual. Spirits voice can holler if you are not listening, but that usually occurs as a physical discomfort, illness, accident, or a repetive pattern of challenges that you may be avoiding. Would you expect to see a smiling horse? I sure as heck didnt! Jack popped his head up from his food, looked over in silence, and started to smile over and over and over, I laughed so hard I thought I would have to bolt to the nearest ladies room! Guidance, as I know it and experience it in readings with the hundreds of people I have connected with over the last 7 years in my Intuitive Readings is similar to the smiling horse…unexpected silent moments of sensation (emotions, feelings, knowings) based acts of random unplanned events, and we need to be very present to catch the smiling horse!

Next month: I will reveal some of the teachings that were shared with me from Guidance this summer, they will focus on embracing your life path and embarking on your quest, whatever that may be. Until then, practice present moment conciousness with gratitude, ask to be shown, be aware of the lessons all around you that show you your way, and of course, say hi to the smiling horse!

Im blessed and honored that you have chosen to read this information, I ask that you meditate and find the place within yourself that resonates with what is true for you.

Wishing you many blessings and Light

First three photos courtesy of Elaine Pace,

Spirit Guides – many forms, many faces

DSC00054Spirit Guides – many forms, many faces

As I observe the journey of the human experience, I notice that within our daily exploration of life lies the potential for Spirit’s guidance. Guidance from Spirit is available in so many ways and through many vehicles, for example, observe the interaction between a father teaching his child the intricacies of nature, observe a child’s willingness to learn, is this not a demonstration of Spirit communicating through one being in order to enlighten another with Divine Guidance? Connecting with Higher wisdom and embracing Spirits guidance can readily be achieved, it is meerly a shift in concious awarness and a willingness to expand our experience in order to create a sacred connection with our Guidance in every moment of every day.
Every experience is an opportunity to interact with Divine guidance, every being, every plant, ray of sunshine, breath of wind is a teacher from Spirit, if we limit ourselves to seeking a connection with a specific Spirit Guide through the use of a visual aid such as a personified expression of Spirit, we limit our messages from Spirit, we limit our Guidance. Spirit is all encompassing, present in all things, all beings. Expand your experiences with Guidance past the limiting beliefs of the source of guidance, embrace possibilites of an expanded Universe full of unlimited possibilities.
Many forms, many faces
As mentioned in my last blog post, Guides have been represented as mystical beings personified for the sake of providing a visual and emotional link to the power of connecting with Spiritual Guidance. Thats okay for starters, but can become very limiting over time. Life and Spirit wishes to guide us in many different ways, through many different experiences and vehicles, Spirit teaches through unlimited means and is awaiting your willingness to expand your connection to guidance. In my life I have experienced the energy of Spirit Guides through friends, pets, nature, ceremony, running, cooking and many other means.


A personal moment
A few years ago, my life as I knew it fell to pieces. A group of women,whom at the time were my dear friends and business partners, delivered an unexpected life altering blow. In a flash my friendships, associates and business partners forced the hand of a business takeover in a most heart wrenching manner. The world as I knew it was destroyed,.. after 9 years together I now faced no business, no associates, no friends. I drifted into a world of deep seperation from my life, I felt a sense of aloneness that even encompassed my relationship with Creator, I could feel nothing or no one, life was adrift, and I was sinking fast. In the silence of my wounded space, without drama, without crashing to my knees and playing out a pleading prayer (but I would have if necessary!), I simply looked deeply into the warm loving eye of my horse and said, “I give, you can have all of me, I cant do it anymore”. I felt the presence of Divine love, safety and nurturence in the horses presence and eyes, I knew I was communicating to Divine Guidance, I could see Spirit in his eyes! I had no focus on an end result of my call to Spirit, but a deep knowing, a sense, a feeling of release without intention to know the outcome, and in that space came guidance, came light, came love.
In that moment of communication with the horse, I was raw, real, surrendered, and sincere, all essential parts of connecting to Creators love and Spirit(s) Guidance. I awakened from my limited awarness of the Life I came to live, I wanted to Live, I gave up me, UP to my higher self, and from there the journey of many forms of guidance began. The horse was the sacred vehicle to Divine Guidance, a Spirit Guide, a benevolent being of wisdom and truth, I didnt know this at the time, I just felt surrendered to the love I felt in his eyes and aura, I seized the moment to connect, surrender, and ask for Guidance. Looking into his eyes, I knew I would be okay, that the Angels and Guides would embrace me, that Spirit had a big hold on my heart and once again I would find my way. Several years have passed since that experience, my life is full, bright, friends galore, more business then I ever imagined, and a closenss with my God that is beautiful and complete. I surrendered with passion and a desire to Live, and Spirits Guidance came forth!
I had many experiences similar to this several years before while on my grandparents farm (previous post). A feeling of being lost (in the bush), not knowing my way home, feeling scared, worried. In order to find my way home from my situation of feeling lost, I meerly surrendered, followed my gut, followed the guidance of the sky, the wind, scents, trees and trails, and eventually found my way back. It wasnt easy to find home out in that prairie bush, there were wolves, badgers, field traps, and scary shadows, but I let my fear lead me, for fear made me real, raw and surrendered and, guidance took my hand, showed me my way back home, and upon my arrival back at my grandparents farmhouse, I enjoyed the nurturing love found in a home-made cinnamon bun!
IMG_0572Connecting with guidance starts first with your desire to connect, in other words it is not what you say but how you say it, the music behind the words, the passion in the plea, a willingness to step out from behind your protective wall. In the initial stages of developing a connection with your Guidance it is best not to invoke the energies of Guidance with a preconcieved outcome, in other words, get real (expressing a desire) and get out of your own way, let your Guidance start the process for you. Later, plans and goals will apply, but not in the initial stages. When I walked through my journey a few years ago, and beconed for help, I had no idea what would happen, I had no plan, I had no knowing, I just knew that I had a desire, a longing to heal and awaken from my death sleep, how that happened, where, when and with whom was none of my concern, I opened the gates. This is how a connection and the beginnig of your process begins. In time you may want to look at your path and set goals, but your goals will be based on Higher wisdom verses fear or mind traps.
Approaching the call for help from Guidance when you are and raw, willing to walk the path given, come empty handed and full hearted with desire, and passionatly invoke your Guide(s), will ignite a Guided process that will begin to unveil your true potential, your life takes form, your journey begins. Ask for assistance with all of your heart, open the flood gates to any and all guidance, ask “I desire for the life you (Higher Source energy) gave me”, “I am willing to heal these headaches”, “I am willing to be Your Work (Source energy, Creator) here on this planet”, “I am willing to love another”, “I embrace all abundance you give me”, and ask with a desire so full, so burning with truth, so filled with tears, laughter, fear, joy, let your emotions be your guiding force of desire, if you are angry, admit it, if you are confused say it, talk to your Higher self as you would a trusted friend….this is the first step to connecting easily and with effective results of Spirit’s Guidance, …Ask, bang on the door of the energies that await your request, get real raw and open, afterall, your Higher self knows your true emotions and thoughts so why expend the energy to hide it, feel your desire and invoke the powers that be…this is step #1 to connecting with Spirit’s Guidance, simply ask, with desire and passion, and the gateways to your Highest Guidance will open.
Remember, the vibrationally attuned energies that align with Spirit respond to the vibrational alignment you have with your request, its not about putting in your order at a vending machine in the sky, or penning a long eloquent dissertation to your omnipitant sacred loved one, its about being real, raw and true. After the incident a few years ago, I was so stripped to the core, so raw that my communication was real, no edited emotions, just the real thing, and my life shifted to the Light. I see this same awakening in my clients that come for readings in the same space as I was in or those that are willing to travel to that space…guidance awakens and manifests in a life that is willing to be lived. However the living of that life looks or manifests is between you and your Higher Self,.
IMG_0576Nathan – I am in the yes that you say to the life you have been given, I am the sunlight that warms your face, the eagles call that awakens your heart, I am the cleansing waters, the jagged shoreline, I am you and you are me. Call me, that is all I ask, but not with your mouth, with your heart, call me and be you for I can only find you when you are true to yourself. If you feel all is not true, that you are lost, unknowing, know that I know you, I see you, and I wish to find you in all of your trials, simply open to me, ask as you are and I will be there. I do not expect perfection, glorious accolades, or special encoded methods of connection, look to the sun feel its warmth, give gratitude for the simplicity of the moment, feel your heart, feel, and ask, ask ask!! I will hear you, perhaps not as you ask me to, but I will hear you. Be not one with an ending, be in flow with the tide of life, I will take you through trials, afterall, your false creations no longer serve, the ones you put in place, it is a task I must take to replace shadows with Light, simply be willing to be awake, simply ask, show me WHO YOU ARE, for with me you are safe.
So, in sumary, so far in the last several blogs the following has been shared:
-To learn to connect with your intuition, begin by trusting your gut feelings, allow yourself to practice in day to day situations, connect with nature, take risks that teach yourself to trust your heart
-Live in gratitude for the food you eat, the air you breathe, the land, the sky, the pets you have, the people who love you, even if you feel there is nothing to have gratitude for, have gratitude for the awareness that you do not have gratitude!
Spring Blossoms May '10 025-Begin to awaken to the idea that guidance (Spirit Guides) are all around you actively in play. Look in the eyes of a friend sharing their story, a loved one trying to help you, the eyes of a horse or dog or beloved pet, the sunshine, words in a book, expand your conciousness past the illusion of Spirit Guides being only a sentient being or a specified individual in Spirit who is whispering secrets too you,.. begin to connect with the gifts of Spirit seen in the eyes and reflections of your world, within those gifts are hundreds of Guides waiting to give you all the Light imaginable! The simple honey bee may be the messenger you have been waiting for, observe, with an open mind, be aware, concious, present, messages await you!
-When you feel a heavy emotion, or joy, bliss or challenged, feel your feeling! I have a dear friend Cathy who shared with me the wisdom that all feelings have a place, and are there to be explored, felt and shared with one’s personal Light. Journal, share with a trusted friend, and share with your silent inner conversation the desire to understand, know or learn from the emotion you are tried with. During my difficult time a few years ago,I felt anger, pain, sadness, loss, I did not allow the emotions to be me, I became the observer, the emotions the teacher, utilizing those emotions as the catalyst for invoking my Higher Guidance, creating a sense of a raw reality that guidance loves to connect to, it opens the doorway.
-In the initial stages of initiating and interacting with guidance, detach of the end results, let it be and let Spirit be.
-observe your world, become conciously aware of every moment, every being, tree, wind, way, lesson, or opportunity as a chance to receive Divine guidance…more on this point in my next blog post in November!
In the next blog post, I will expand on the de-mystification of Spirit Guides and discuss living in a present moment state of awarness, as well as knowing the difference between the conversation of Spirit and the conversation of the mind. In the meantime, for this month, practice the points noted in the summary (section above).
In the final blogpost (several months from now) I will talk about Nathan indepth, why there is a name Nathan attached to the Guidance I receive from this specific attunement with Creators energy, but there is alot of ground to cover before then. Thank you for all your wonderful questions and comments. My prayer is that this blog creates an opportunity for you to live in the question, and respond in alignment with your Lifes work. My email is always open for private discussion.
Wishing you blessings and Light
see you in November!


Spirit Guides…..

DSC00139Spirit Guides…..

Spirit Guides are sacred sources of Divine energy often personified as Beings or animals monitoring our every move. Many people believe or teach that accessing our “Guides” can be complex and limited to the holy anointed ones, mystical workshop leaders, the lucky ones, or those who have a perceived direct line to the Divine, but this is not so, everyone can access their Guide, and I am dedicating the next few weeks to assisting you in discovering your connection with your Spirit Guide.
My journey…
Until my mid thirties, I had no idea what “Guides” were, I merely knew that I had forces within that assisted me along my path in life. I knew that if I remained in connection with those forces I would embark on a journey intended for me. I also knew that I could one day, through Divine guidance, free myself from the shackles I had built around my wounded wings. Guidance from Spirit plays a significant role in my life, in this blog post I would like to share with you parts of my life journey that assisted me in learning to embrace Guidance from Spirit. So, for the sake of staying focused (a challenge for me!), I will start from the beginning of my personal story about connecting with my intuitive self and developing a connection with my Spirit Guide. I will try my best to give you the Coles notes version of my journey!
Sacred Memories, simple gratitude

DSC00259My most sacred encounters with Spirit’s guidance occured as a result of spending childhood moments on my Grandparent’s farm in rural Manitoba. My Grandparents farm was a virtual playground of creativity, offering a beautiful connection with nature. My Grandparents lived a very simple life, they owned a small farmhouse full of love and vacant of the essentials of modern day living. The home had no running water until the mid 70’s, and minimal lighting, oil heat, water hauled by hand summer and winter, all food consumed by our family was grown or canned on the farm, all meat came from our friend the chicken, the cow named Bossy, or the pig from the neighbor of which my Gigi traded eggs for our bacon and ham. My Gigi was a spirited European immigrent with the longest, thickest eyebrows I had every seen. He was an entrepreneur specializing in chicken farming. On his business trips to town, my Gigi would dress up in a fine suit and tie, head to the big city and sell his eggs to his regular customers. While adjusting his hat and lighting his home rolled Export Acigarette, he would beam a brilliant smile at the prospects of bringing home some cash for his eggs, spending time at the York Hotel eating hamburger steak, and of course enjoying a shot or two of 5 Star Whiskey after his meal. My Gigi had a high level of gratitude for the simple things in life, a vision for his business, and a creative way of approaching joy in life, to him, life was meant to be lived, played with, and embraced. He knew the value of gratitude for even the simplest of gifts, he followed his gut and trusted his intuition. Because of his gratitude for the simple life he lived he was Spiritually open to accept Guidance and whispers of wisdom from his Guides with regards to his business and life. My Gigi taught me that Gratitude is the doorway through which I am able to connect with my Divine source, stay focused on the gift of the present moment, and open myself to Divine Guidance. Gratitude is the first prayer (meditation) I do before every Intuitive Reading and at the start of my day.
The space for creativity
We had virtually no toys on the farm, so our creative juices were forced to flow. The simplicity of the life my Grandparents lived and shared made room for me to have minimal external interruptions of my sacred creative time. There were no distractions from TV (unless the rabbit ears had enough tin foil on them and directed just right), life was simplified, distractions were minimal, all prime conditions for connecting with intuition and creativity. Out on the farm, the main place I could find creative moments were found in the exploration of the bushes that surrounded the old farm site. I would spend hours in the bush, imagining the life of a pioneer, or the expertise of a hunter, some days I was Laura from Little House on the Prairie, and other times I was Daniel Boone, hunting the local beasts. My time alone in the bush provided me an opportunity to connect with nature, to observe the flying squirrels, prairie chickens, and wolves. During this sacred time in my life, I developed a strong sense of knowing that more existed then I and I embraced a connection with the animals and land. I learnt to rely on my instincts to find my way home, and to trust my gut in situations that were somewhat dangerous. This was the beginning of opening my intuitive doorway…a simplified life with minimal to no distractions,trust, as well as developing a fine tuned skill for living in the moment and observing within that moment the messages held within it. Today, in my practice as an Intuitive, I am asked daily, how did I become intuitive. I did not have a formal education in order to learn to be intuitive or communicate with my Guide, I did not sign up for a class or spend a gazillion dollars on intuitive lessons, ….instead I took time to connect with nature, love the simple life, trust my gut, take chances, believe, and live in the moment, this was my training ground. Today I still take time to have peaceful simple moments. I rarely if ever watch TV, I take time daily to connect with nature, and have many creative outlets which assist me in awakening my intuitive self. When I am creatively involved in a project (be it running, making chocolate, cooking a meal) my mind is silent, in the present moment, and I am connecting with the energy of all that is around me, in this space, I find my Guide Nathan, in this space of silent creativity I am able to do readings for my clients. Gratitude, silence, peace, creatively engaging in meditation to open my higher connections, trust, these are all the major components that assist in making a connection with my Guides.
Guidance from Spirit Guides…
The guidance from Spirit Guides manifests in many forms. These forms appear as opportunities, lessons, and experiences focused on assisting you to ascend to the highest possible vibration (or expression) of your Spirit. Remember, a guide is not difficult to access, is not located as some sort of superior being located way outside of you, nor is it only access able through quasi ascended masters, mystical mystics, workshop leaders, books claiming to know all of Spirits way, or anyone else outside of you. YOU HAVE all that it takes to access your Guidance, or essential vibrational attunement with Divine intention (thats what Spirit Guides are really all about, attunement with Divine intention for your life), there are merely a few steps to get there. Here are three that assisted me, perhaps they will assist you too….
Three key components to developing your intuition and connection with a Spirit Guide
1. Gratitude when you need to access wisdom, intuition, guidance for a life situation, sit quietly and feel gratitude for the moment at hand, no matter how difficult it may be, feel gratitude, for in gratitude you become attuned with the vibration of the Divine grace all around you, an awareness develops outside of your situation, you become focused on the Light of the challenge or question at hand. As demonstrated in my story, the moments of solitude, silence, the simplicity of life, living in gratitude for the simple act of selling eggs, having joy love and peace while living in simple conditions, the stillness that existed on the farm combined with the gratitude for all, gave way for the three main pillars of intuition, that being clarity, creativity and peace. With clarity, creativity and peace, the process of awakening your intuition and following guidance can begin.
2-Invoke your Higher Self (or Spirits Guidance) to assist you. This can be done by either prayer, meditation or simply asking for assistance on the matter at hand, then move your awareness to the present moment, watch around you for changes in perception, shifts in your world, messages from people, animals or words all around you, be in the present moment. In my story, I shared with you how in the bush out on the farm, I needed to be aware of my environment. While trusting my instincts on how to return home safely from a tour of the woods, I would need to also be aware of the trail ahead of me, animals and predators around me, the weather, the time of day, the direction and so much more. The farm taught me to ask for help from the energies of my intuition and higher self, then to stay alert, aware and follow the path ahead of me, never judging if I took a wrong turn, if that happened I would merely get back on track, but I would always go back and forth from instinct to invoking the Guides around me.
3- Trust, ah yes, now that’s a big one, for me anyway! Trust that you are being Guided, that you are connected to Divine source, that your life has a purpose, the trials you are experiencing are for the highest good. Trust that your Guides are alive and active within you, they are not a royal regal being floating outside of you, but a strength, an intuition, gut feel, knowing, a silent whisper, a loud call, a beckoning, a challenge to move, shift, change and grow.
Exercise for connecting with Intuition and Guidance
For this week, practice the 3 key components to developing your intuition and guidance, …sit in silence and with an attitude of gratitude, invoke your Guides to assist you, ask for help, be humble, kind and full of gratitude for the presence of your situation and the love that surrounds you. Journal your thoughts, and words of guidance that come forth while you meditate, become a scribe for your higher self. Become more aware and leave your meditative state. Engage in your daily life in a new way of awareness that allows you to be present and alert to all leads, clues or messages from your guides with regards to your situation or question. Trust the process of Guidance and know you will be shown the path, surrender and know that it may not be exactly as you think your path should be, but you will be shown if you are open and filled with trust and gratitude. Journal your experiences, and in the journaling see the correlation, messages and gifts of your awareness of the interactive moments you have with your Guides.
Next week I will write about my experience of meeting my Guide Nathan, why the name Nathan was given to my Guide, and how you can meet and be with that special connection known as your Spirit Guide. As well, I will continue the discourses from Nathan about demystifying Spirit Guides.
Until next week, I wish you many blessings along your path of discovering your connection with your inner Guidance…your Spirit Guide.

DSC00310Here is a picture of the “campus” of my “intuitive university”, the farm!!

Ancestral Guides…

berry pickingAncestral Guides…

Recently my family and I decided to venture off to pick blueberries in the bountiful woods around a beautiful community in Ontario . As we spent time eating (alot!!) and picking, we reminisced about our ancestors and their wonderful blueberry pie recipes, blueberry pancakes, and the times spent with our ancestors learning the fine skill of picking fragile succulent berries from abundantly gifted plants.

DSC00242Baba & Gigi
During our time together picking berries, I connected with the memories of spending summers out on a prairie farm with my Baba learning to pick Saskatoon’s and create everything from Saskatoon pies, to jams and preserves. I realized that now I too will one day be an ancestor, and the necessity of passing this wisdom to my own family, I had awakened to the incredible role ancestors play in our lives.

The time I spent with my Baba was so valuable to me. I learnt respect for the land and plants, she taught me the importance of leaving some berries for the birds and bears, as well as assuring that the plants are well cared for so that next years crop could gift us with more nutritious berries. She taught me that the land can nurture, and all is in balance when we connect with this land. She taught me the cycle of life.. the birds eat the berries and in their droppings they spread the seeds, the seeds grow to make more plants for the animals to enjoy, the animals enjoy the berries to nourish their bodies, eventually their bodies contribute food to animals within the cycle of prey and predator, or their bodies contribute to the soil with their bones and flesh, starting the cycle again of fertile soil perfectly balanced ready and waiting for the seed to be dropped again.
DSC00281My Ancestor’s prairie farmhouse, a home filled with love & Light!

Some may have called my Baba a Grandma, chef or matriarch of the family, I call her my sacred Spiritual teacher, my Guru, and now since her passing, my sacred Ancestral Guide. When ever I cook, can or bake, I call forth her spirit to assist me, and the creative juices flow!! Together we bake, cook and create the most wonderful nourishing food. When I walk on my land, I can hear in my memory my Gigi’s tractor harvesting the grain for flour and feed. He would always summer fallow his land, leaving nature to do its work verses using chemicals supplied by large companies. Today, some 25 years after his passing, I still remember his teachings, …allow mother earth to do what she knows best, and the land will care for you in wonderful bountiful way. As someone who now hobby farms, I live by the values he taught me about respecting the land.

Another one of my ancestors now in Spirit is My Grandma Jean. Grandma taught me the value of enjoying a good card game and sharing a beer together (she liked the bottom half of the beer!), a lesson in taking time for family. My Grandma also taught me how to walk into a clothing store, scan the entire store in less than a minute and either find what I want or move on…in other words, she taught me how to value my time and not waste it. My Grandma, a widow when she was 38 and left to raise 7 children, taught me how to be self sufficient and creative as a woman raising a family. Rather then give up, my Grandmother sold apple pies and Avon, she had a hair salon and educated herself to become an awesome dietary aid in a hospital. Still to this day when I eat an apple pie I instantly link with the wisdom and sense of Independence shetaught me.

After reminiscing about my ancestors, I began to realize we have many forms of Guides and guidance living with us and within us. I asked Nathan to expand on the Sacredness of our Ancestors and their purpose in our life, the following discourse was shared by Nathan regarding Ancestral Guides…

DSC00085Your ancestors, those being the teachers of Sacred ways that came before you now exist as a resource for you to explore and connect to your Authentic Spirit call for this incarnation. You were attracted to certain ancestors because your energy, be it in emotional alignment with your ancestors or not, needed the lessons, trials, and connections you are experiencing through your ancestors of times past (those deceased) and human interactions with you now. For some, your ancestral teachers are from the original group of which you entered through, or in other words your birth family. For others you will explore and find your ancestors from other nations and families as the teachers of your Spirits call. In the world of guidance, we do not limit Ancestral guidance and Guides. Guides see not color of skin, culture or blood as a necessity to be part of an ancestral line of teachers, we view ancestral guidance, teachings and connections as a vibrational alignment with what makes your heart sing, your Spirit soar, your Highest self come forth. Ancestral guidance is accessed by a vibrational alignment with the Ancestral ways of that which frees your Spirit to its highest purpose, …we as Guides do not limit your Spirits growth by the guidelines of human ways, we encourage you to align with your Truth, that which brings joy and challenge to you.
An Ancestral Guide is a vibration within yourself that aligns with ancient practices and rhythms that best serve your Highest purpose here on this planet. You may feel in alignment with a Grandmother or Grandfather, Uncle or Aunt within your lineage, a relative through whom their life has taught you how to free your Spirit. You may be in alignment with Ancestral Guides from religions, spiritual practices, cultures, and ways that you were not birthed to, but yet they, those teachers that lived in the nations, cultures and beliefs before you awaken within you your Spirits call. Ancestral guidance is not limited by differences perceived by the human eye or cultural rules and beliefs, male or female, those perceived as holier than others, rituals, colors of skin, ney, we see no barriers, limits, rules or rights of passage, to us all is one always and in all ways when accessing guidance….to this we encourage you to…
Seek out and practice your ancestral ways, eat the foods, listen to the music, enhance the purpose of their nation and seek ancestral counsel in all that you do. Call upon your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, your sisters and brothers, call upon the birds, the sun, call upon the teachings of those that have been here before you and awaken within you the truth of your Spirits call. Forget these ancestors and you have forgotten yourself! These are your gurus, teachers, they show you the shadow and light of life, they show you the truth’s of what is and what was and what will be, they have tried and tested reality and their experiences, thousands of years of experiences and education are found in these Ancestors, this is priceless, the greatest education you will ever have.
Gift yourself this wonderful gift of Ancestral connection, let it not disappear. To access their wisdom, to find your Ancestral teachers and guides look within the family you have, be it birth or connections with those you feel a kinship with, see the teaching, …in teaching love did they explore hate or hostility, how do you feel about that. Did they nurture or feed another, in their teachings of the land were they connected or disconnected, in exploring their teachings you will find your truths. Explore how their lives influence the life you are here to live. Perhaps the ancestral struggle for food has left you with the lesson of appreciation and generosity for others, perhaps the ancestral lesson of violence has left you with the lesson of tolerance and kindness, perhaps the lessons of love has left you searching for your own love, and perhaps the ancestral lessons of being one with this land the nations of wings and fur has given you the space to explore your connection with oneness and love. It wont take long to review and connect, be open to the trial of exploration in order to connect with truths for yourself.
Nathan teaches the value of connecting with many different levels of Guidance. His teachings have always focused on the lessons that Spirit Guides, Ancestral Guides, and Angelic Guides are vibrational attunements with Divine energy and this vibrational alignment lies within ourselves, it does not exist as being outside our self with control over us, teaching negative damning lessons! Nathan, my Guide, has taught me that all that I need, want or desire is within, and tapping that source is as easy as taking a moment of silence, and in gratitude with love, asking for the vibrational energy within me to be in alignment with the Highest purpose for this planet.

Here is an exercise Nathan gave to me several years ago as a way to connect with the vibration of my ancestral teachers, my Grandmother, my Baba, my Gigi, and even one day, my parents…

Ancestral Guide meditation:DSC00070 In a peaceful setting,light a candle, close your eyes and remind yourself (visualize) of an Ancestor, ancestral teachings of a nation, people or culture that resonates with you, connect with that energy by visualizing yourself sitting around the candle flame amongst a circle of wise teachers from the Ancestral ways of which you seek wisdom from. This is your council of Ancestral Guidance, there for you to access Divine wisdom for your life journey. Ask these teachers of your Ancestral Council to assist you in whatever your trials are, ask them to share with you their greatest teachings for the Highest good of your Spirits call and for of the world around you. Listen, allow the energy to speak, bathe in the energetic flow of those before you, allow yourself to become more conscious, awaken once you feel the flow of ancestral energy present in you, upon opening your eyes, begin to journal your experience. For the next several days after this meditation, be very present in the moment, allow yourself to follow your hearts promptings, trust, and watch for signs and guidance from your life, those in your life, and your dreams…your guidance from your Ancestral guides will become more evident as you practice this meditation on a regular basis.

For me, when life is confusing or scary, when I feel challenged or lost, I turn to the Ancestral Guide meditation. I light a candle, close my eyes, ask the energy of my Baba, and Grandma to guide me, to align me with my Divine purpose, to show me my answers…I find this to be very effective way to learn how to surpass obstacles and awaken to the guidance available to me from my Ancestral Guides..

On a final note, according to the teachings from Nathan,Ancestral guides differ from that of Spirit Guides and Angels. Nathan shares in his teachings that Ancestral Guides are the first line of Guidance available to us because they have been here in this human earthly vibrational field living life, experiencing the human experience, and have a first hand knowledge of the human aspect of living life.

Next week we will discuss Spirit Guides, until then,

I wish you many blessings and Light!!

photo #1 by Elaine Pace – Mother Earth Therapy, other photos by Denyse