In times when I have prayed for Guidance and received a sacred message of direction I can often feel like I have stepped inside a process that would be similar to sitting inside a blender on high speed…maybe even the chop and dice cycle! My life becomes tattered, torn apart with unexpected challenges and gut wrenching trials. Recently a dear friend noticed this trend in my life and said “I just don’t get it! How can it be that you heard guidance, trusted, followed it and then all this happened!” I prayed for an answer from my Guide, and here is his response.

Dear one, do you throw upon your perception of guidance a smattering of expectations and visions of a perfect outcome? Do you see your request for guidance as a holy sacred invocation that must respond in the manner that you think it should? Do you have a judgement system inside of you that clearly says this is good, that is bad? Do you realize that you are invoking the most loving entourage of energies possible when you call on guidance and that the only purpose of your guides participation in your life is to chip away at that which is keeping you bound to your own limitations and manifestations of struggle?”

I realized the loving tone of his answer and said. “actually yes,  there are times when I ask for guidance and it isn’t always in total surrender to the outcome, it is with an expectation that now that you my dear guide have been called upon you will rescue me and all will be better…I will get what I want”.

Nathan continued, “If we, your sacred messengers submit to your directives be they subtle for blatant, how will you evolve to your most peaceful loving self? Does a coach listen to the athlete or is it visa versa? You see dear one, when you call upon us, we are then activated and mandated to not give you only what you want but to give you what you need as well. We will move you closer to your dream and vision, we want you to have what you desire and we want that abundantly so, but, you will also be surrounded by the previous energies that denied you your dream.” I felt confused…”Nathan, my beloved guide, speak simply so I can get with the tunes here!”

“it is simple dear one,” he continued. “When you invoke guidance, when you reach out or have a true desire in your heart of which you ask us to assist, …ask, then allow the process to unfold without expectation. We may need to teach you trust, self confidence, flexibility, spontaneity.  We may need to show you that what you thought you desired was actually not worthy of you and that something even better awaits.”

Nathan continued with great passion, “We may need to show you that that which you held as an almighty idol in your life, the thing that would give you everything you wanted was actually filled with old scars and expectations of others and was not all that you thought it to be. We teach you about prices paid for worldly wants and bid you to reassess your values, we teach you tolerance, acceptance, we show you the old you before we show you the new.”

My beloved Guide concluded, “Dear one, to invoke guidance is then to surrender and not judge the journey before you as good or bad but simply as a time of lessons and empowering experiences. Is it good, is it bad…ney…it simply is.” Oh what a humbling lesson, I have often asked for guidance and then judged the outcome to be good or bad, I truly realized that the key to manifesting Spirits loving gifts is surrendering not to the outcome but to the process…a process that fine tunes me and prepares me to received the best life I could ever have!

Blessings and Light

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