• How do I prepare for an Intuitive Reading? It is best to have some quiet private time during your reading, and to allow yourself the space to just be with your experience during a reading.
  • How does an Intuitive Reading differ from Tarot or other psychic readings? I cannot speak for the methods or skills of other practitioners of the Intuitive arts, but I do know that the Intuitive Readings I offer are an interactive exploration of questions or thoughts you wish to explore while travelling along your life path.  An Intuitive Reading focuses on guidance from your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Angelic forces, Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Chakras, Meridians and many more sources of energetic knowledge that will assist you along your journey.
  • Should I prepare questions for my reading or just come in and see what happens… An Intuitive Reading is not a guessing game, it is a focused session passionatly engaged in conversing with your Higher Sources to find the answers you seek. Sharing questions or thoughts at the time of your reading is highly advised.
  • Do you talk with the deceased? At one point in my journey I did do extensive spirit communication with those who have transitioned, but I no longer do direct communication with the deceased.  If you have questions regarding your own path since the transition of your loved one, an Intuitive Reading could be of benefit.