As mentioned in the previous blog post, Love is the essential component for awakening to our life path. Love is the essential ingredient for creating a relationship with our Spirit Guide. Love is one of the key expressions of our authentic self and is accessed through the act of Gratitude for our life, trials, tough times, joy filled moments, and the beings that exist in our life.
In my life, when difficult times challenge me, in times when I feel alone, when life is confusing or even bliss filled, I refer to the following teachings on Gratitude from Nathan and begin to shift my awareness by embracing a Gratitude consciousness . Gratitude is a tool in which I am able to see the Light and gifts within the present moment, and establish a connection to the possibilities that may arise from the situation at hand. Gratitude assists me to become still, to gain a new perspective on things, and to silence the dominant control of needless mind chatter. In this blog post, I have transcribed a discourse shared by Nathan on the topic of gratitude
The simple act of becoming more aware of the blessings of the moment opens the heart to Love. A connection to Love awakens you to the endless possibilities of living a life in connection with your authentic self. Be your own teacher, become an observer of life, and within that observation you will see that simple Gratitude is the key connection to embracing the freedom you seek. Gratitude is far more than simple thankfulness or appreciation, for thankfulness, albeit essential, is the simple starting point of acknowledging appreciation for the moment at hand. Beyond appreciation is Gratitude, an expression of the deep, Spirit filled connection to the Light within that which is before you. The act of Gratitude is a complete and utter connection far beyond thankfulness or appreciation, it is the act of embracing your connection with Spirit , your connection with the presence of the Divine, and knowing the oneness of all that is before you.
Life will challenge you, it is part of the curriculum for being human. You will feel joy, it too is part of the curriculum, and if in those moments you remove your consciousness from the experience at hand to the gift at hand you will open the doorway to your Highest Guidance, to your ultimate authentic life, to Love. If you feel joy, it is good to feel joy, and in that joy is a gift, a gem, a message unfolding from your Higher Guidance. Allow yourself to be still for only a moment, breathe deeply, concentrate on your breath for three breaths in and out, upon the release of the third breath acknowledge either by the spoken word or by writing, 5 gifts that you are grateful for in that moment of joy. You can do so with a wide variety of feelings from sadness to elation, as well as challenges you may have with work or people in your life. In connecting with Gratitude you are moving beyond the emotion, the sensation, the feeling of the experience you are having and you begin linking with a humbling expression which connects to a Higher power within you, thus creating the opportunity for you to grow, become aware, and embrace your life path.
Gratitude in the moment will deepen your experience, take your consciousness to the very depth of present moment awareness, open your heart to Love, and silence the ever present mind chatter.
When you see the sun rise and you feel joy in your observation, close your eyes, breathe three times and express Gratitude for the warmth and presence of the gift of the sun. A being of another nation, perhaps a horse or an eagle, connects with you either through touch or a display of beauty, feel the joy in your heart then close your eyes, breathe three times and give Gratitude for that which is before you. Your heart cries out for love, or longs for peace, close your eyes, find within you Gratitude for what you are experiencing, perhaps you may only be able to see Gratitude for the simple fact that you are breathing, but even in that moment, the Gratitude for simple breath begins the cycle of love and connection to Guidance. Once you have given Gratitude, ask your Guide to come forth, ask for Higher Guidance, engage your Spirit to come forth and share with you the intentions of the moment you are experiencing, from this place of Gratitude you will begin dialogue with your Spirit Guide, from this place of engagement with Gratitude and Love you will begin to become open to the guidance of your Higher self, the guidance of your angels, Spirit Guides, and Ancestral guides.
Gratitude is the humbling experience of embracing the gift within the moment and that within the gift is a lesson, within the lesson is a map, a map to lead you back to your essential nature, back to the Highest purpose of your incarnation, back to your connection with all beings, all nations, all that is animated by Spirit, it is the experience of Love and the surrender to that Love.
As with all words shared by Nathan, he asks that you take time to ponder the message, reflect on your life, and apply whatever you feel would assist you in deepening and expanding your life experience.
In this discourse, Nathan spoke of Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestral Guides. Over the next few weeks we will explore the teachings of Nathan with regards to Guides, Angels and Ancestral Guides. Until then, in Gratitude, I embrace your willingness to share this material with me, I am honored!
Wishing you many Light filled blessings!