Intended Blessings….

I have often prayed for blessings and miracles to appear in my life and in the lives of others. For example, approximately 5 years ago I was so financially poor after my separation from my partner of 30+ years that I thought for sure I would soon be having a chicken dinner at the local shelter. During this time of trial I would pray and pray for help, for assistance yet it would seem like the prayers fell on deaf ears. I would beg the Divine to intervene, to help, to give me a break and bring a blessing of prosperity into my life….nothing, nada, not a single word would come back. I was looking for financial aide, nothing was manifesting! As I came closer and closer to only a few dollars in the bank I sat down and prayerfully asked for the lesson at hand. I didn’t ask for financial assistance this time, instead I asked to know what was the lesson that the Divine Guides were trying to teach me…here is what I heard from my beloved guide Nathan.

“Dear one, you pray and pray, meditate and invoke for a blessing, for relief from the trials of your financial woes, but are you listening for the reply that you want to hear or are you listening for the reply we wish to give you?” Ah geeze I thought, busted again! I said aloud, “I have been asking and asking for financial help but my money keeps reducing not growing. I need help!” I felt frustrated, I mean after all I am human, food and things like the basic provisions for life are a necessity!  My Guide continued “All events in life, every challenge, every single obstacle, celebration, everything is an intended event to bless you into becoming the magnitude of who you are on the earth. You have known riches therefore you can appreciate wealth, yet poverty has not been known. Let yourself understand fully the world of poverty so that you can sit with another and abundantly love them as they too suffer through their own form of poverty. When you were poor dear one you would whine, sulk, you had fears and anxiety, but dear one, did you have faith in possibility, did you take what little you had and share?”

My Guide took the lesson even further, “Poverty is a teacher of vulnerability, of faith, determination, creativity, it is a teacher of community, gratitude, and love. You put in your order for monetary blessings but did not see the blessings that were necessary in order for you to receive your monetary rewards!”

I started to reflect and realized that I had been standing frozen in my fear of where I would be if I had no money. My focus was on the issue of no money and all the consequences around that, but I didn’t step aside to see the blessings in my challenge. Nathan continued…”every single event in life is intended as a blessing for you to unveil all aspects of the love within you and also to be a blessing to others. If you are poor, go and eat with the poor, love them, talk to them, and give whatever you can of either your efforts or coin. Are you struggling for love? Then love yourself in a most beautiful nurturing way, see the beauty of who you are the magnificent gift that you are.”

I remembered a previous teaching by Nathan where he reminded me that asking for the Creators help is not like filling in a request form and submitting it like an order to be filled. When I invoke the higher powers I am actually asking to be taught everything possible around the issue at hand including experiencing the totality of the issue I am praying for. How can I know love unless I know loneliness, how can I know wealth unless I know poverty, how can I know joy unless I know sadness? Yes, in every moment in every trial there are tons of intended blessings, it just depends upon how I look at it and if I am open enough to receive the lesson. Also, every test is intended to be a testimony to be shared as a sacred lesson with others in the world. Everyone’s story is a sacred teaching.

I now see my life and trials as if I am a sculpture coming into perfection. Sometimes the rough edges need to be sanded off,  other times the fine lines need to be enhanced or even more attention to the fine details needs to be given. If I trust the process, experience the lesson, keep my eye and faith on what I know in my heart to be true, then the intended blessings will manifest.

As for my finances…well, I took Nathan’s advice and I went and cooked meals at the shelter, I made sandwiches for homeless on the street, and when my money came to an absolute end, I gave of myself by sitting on the street with the homeless and sharing a conversation, a connection. None of these things did I ever do with such a full hearted effort when I had wealth and abundance all around me. When I no longer was afraid of the impending demise of my finances and my focus shifted to what I could share (abundance mindset) vs what I didn’t have, a completely unexpected event changed my entire financial challenge in an instant! I received word of a settlement that left me in a place of an abundant supply of coin. After I received that call affirming my new found abundance…yes, I was relieved but at some deep level I also missed my world of “poverty”, my friends on the street, the sandwich sharing, the dinner making. So now, I integrate both my abundant side and the side of where I once had poverty…the combination of balancing the two leaves me with a balanced sense of knowing I am abundantly loved and cared for and the gift of intended blessings.

What did I learn

-All events in life, good bad or otherwise are intended for my highest purpose and are sacred teachers pointing me in the direction of my highest good

-if I allow myself to traverse my fear I may very well find out that there are huge hidden blessings for me and for those of whom I interact with

-life is a balance of all forces, all aspects asking for equal time. Now, when I am sad I comfort a sad friend and we find our happiness, when I am lonely I spend time with that lonely space to see that I am lonely for the authentic me and I spend time getting to know me again.

-Challenges are opportunities to bring intended lessons into the sacred space of being a teacher to empower me to the highest potential of who I am

Blessings and Light

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