Live as if…

One of the strongest lessons I have learnt along my life path has been the power of integrating into my life the mastery of “Living as If”. No, this is not about positive affirmations, visualizations or even notions similar to the best seller “The Secret”, this is about actually feeling, sensing, speaking, living, knowing, breathing, sleeping, eating, actually being as if my dream has already happened. Affirmations, visualizations, and the teachings of “The Secret” all have their place and are sacred teachings, but if you want to take it up a notch, live at the PhD level of personal growth, then its time to step into the dream and live as if it is already here!

I remember as a young adult I was fascinated with the notion of living by the ocean. I would go to a lake in Manitoba, a beautiful, huge and magnificent lake, I would walk the long sandy beaches visualizing that the lake was actually an ocean, I would hear the waves crashing along the shore and could “smell” the “salt air”, “see” the whales in the distance, “feel” the ocean breeze, all of course in my heart and soul. Eventually I purchased a small little shack of a place at a lakeside community. This little shack was in desperate need of a makeover! The lakeside community was a camper trailer community and allowed a small building to be attached to traditional camper. I snipped and saved every penny I could, bought this little place for $2800 cash and began my process of “Living as If”. I would go up to my little 300 square foot abode, would sleep in the 1970’s camper trailer attached to it, and lived as if I had a beautiful ocean side condo! I painted my little place, decorated it with used furniture, I manicured the lot, created a huge fire pit for hot dog roasting and quiet times. Every time I went out there I repeated over and over to myself, “my beautiful oceanside home”! I made this little shack into a delightful little summer home and truly felt like I had finally found my ocean side home. I was living “As If”.

Every fibre in my body believed that I had an oceanside home, every part of me bathed in the vision and knowing that this was so. I reminded myself that Creator gave me this  home and I receive it joyfully, happily and with gratitude. I didn’t focus on a date, a time, I didn’t want to restrict Creator. I didn’t live in delusion land, I knew that this was a quaint little shack along a prairie lake, but my inner being celebrated the small steps as if I was already embracing the truth of my hearts desire.  I truly believe that Creator knows all my dreams and provides in the perfect time. For 2 years I spent the summers out there and I “lived as if” in my little shed. Fast forward to today, I now live in an ocean side flat, every day I see the ships, whales and seals, I smell the ocean air, I feel the gentle breezes of the Pacific. I had to be willing to accept the adjustments necessary for the gift to be given, I had to be willing to dive in when the opportunity arose I had to be willing to take little steps to strengthen my inner self for the gift that was soon to be given.  It was worth every moment! I hear the fog horns of the ships now from my home and my entire being is filled with gratitude for this incredible gift!

What did I learn?

In order to manifest true, heart based desires, I need to align my mind, my spirit and also my physical self with the dream. I needed to live in the knowing that it is already done, I embraced the present moment as if the dream already manifested, my senses would connect with my environment as if I was already in the magical place of my dream. Every ounce of my being lived as if. Were there challenges? Tons!!! The challenges would come in the form of doubts, back talk from my mind, notions of how stupid this was, financial challenges, and more…but I have a choice as to what I listen to with my mind, I have a choice as to what I feel and how I see my life. Our greatest gift is our imagination, its truly the playing field of the Divine.

If you want to know whats at the end of your rainbow filled dreams, live as if you are already there…Creator will hear and will provide. It may not be exactly as you imagine but it will be an awesome rendition of what you know in your heart! Trust, Live as If, assert your imagination, don’t wait for the outcome, live in the presence of your dream as if it is fully manifested now, give gratitude and celebrate your life!