nathan and I by the lakeWhile meditating by a peaceful lake in North Western Ontario Canada, Nathan shared with me insights on love and the importance of living a life filled with love. Here is an excerpt of that communication.

Love, ah yes, the beautiful expression of Creators intentions made manifest here on Earth. Love yourself and others as we, your Guides, love you in order for your life to be in alignment with its highest purpose. As Guides we judge not for there is nothing to judge, all is as it is for the highest purpose of your incarnation, we love you with every part of our vibrational alignment with Creators love. We bathe you in the Light of the Divine, when you are weak we will carry you, when you cry we wipe your tears, when you are afraid we embrace your courage, when you are angry we are your kindness, with every expression of the opposite insight of love lies the seed of love from which you can be all your desires, all your hearts callings, all that you have come here to experience.

Your core self is that of love, this is your heartbeat, the beat that is one with Creators energy. If you are challenged to love the unloved, if you are challenged to love those who challenge you, if you are longing to be loved, run not away from your trials, but run directly inwards to your heart, dig deep within and draw out of you the ultimate love that you can access for those you interact with and the life that lives around you. Love is the very core of the authentic self and gratitude is the key to opening the doorway to authentic self, thus releasing the expression of Creators Love, a love that will bring your heartfelt desires to fruition. Living in gratitude creates true appreciation for the person or situation that challenges you, the life that saddens you, the fear that arises, and awakens the love filled life that awaits you. Live in gratitude for the lessons at hand, gratitude for the opportunity to grow, gratitude for life, for Creator, for you. Ah yes, love and gratitude for you, for the depth of love that you feel for yourself will manifest outside of the self, conflict within equals conflict without, it is so as a universal truth, that which vibrates within will surely create without.

My children, live in love, be in love, exist in love, love thyself, thy brother and sister around you, love those you hate, love those you do not know, live in this space and from here you will connect with and find your highest Guidance. Love is accessed through gratitude, gratitude is accessed through a willingness to be present to the present moment. From this space of Gratitude you will awaken love, your desires, your dreams, your connection with all that is, you will connect with peace, joy, kindness, from this place all core energies can be accessed from this place your life will be true unto itself, from this place called love we , your Guides, can connect with you and you with us….love, love, and love again.

Nathan often suggests the benefits of Gratitude journaling whenever your heart and love feels challenged. Writing 5 things that you are grateful for in the morning and the evening before bed will open the heart space to understand the importance of appreciating the moment, the gifts of the moment and the abundance of love all around you.

Nathans teachings are provided for you to seek your own answers, your own direction and your own sacred path. Take time to reflect on your life path and apply the teachings as best suited for your own personal journey.

Next week I will expand on Nathans teachings about Gratitude, until then, I wish you love, Light and Blessings!
photo by Elaine Pace, Mother Earth Therapy