Mother Earth awaits your Love….

DSC00058The waters flow, filled with Mother Earth’s tears of pain and joy, ever so suppressed by the careless walk humans take upon Her. Mother Earth, she gives you all, she is all, she is the sacred love you seek, yet as humans traverse upon her sacred self, do they do so with the respect, honor, deserving of Her? Are humans aware of the humble connection necessary to embrace Her and heal? …Her persistence in assisting you to awaken to Love is both mesmerizing and alarming. To learn the lesson of a Love connection with the Earth, follow the teachings of a great teacher, the Eagle, as he shows the ease of a harmonious existance with all beings that exist on this planet. As you watch the Eagle soar above, see the power of this Divine messanger as he plays with the gentle breezes. The wind, it carries the Eagle far and near, the Eagle dances with the Wind, the Wind dances with the Eagle….neither one is intimidating, taking, manipulating or stripping the other, ney, both are in harmony each respecting the other, both filled with the Love of connecting with another as it is intended to be. This teacher, the Eagle reminds you that if humans dance with the forces of nature, if humans embrace the sacred rythms of this Earth, they will blissfully glide through life, sharing Love and will be carried by the breath of the Divine.

The Earth, a sacred teacher……..
DSC00056Many say the Earth is suffering, that the Earth is angry, sick, hurt…the Earth, she is not weak or marred, ney, she is not crying tears of pain and is not focused on destruction, these are follies of the rightous minds that wish to spread fear and intimidation. The Earth, yes she cries, but in joy for the release of the insults laid upon her, the mighty rivers pour over humans not to condemn or make suffer, these are not the ill wishes or damning ways of a vengeful God, what God is vengeful but the one made up in the mind! The rivers overflow with the cleansing force of a mighty tear given to you to help wash and cleanse the sufferings of human way. The Earth shows her mighty strength, and in so doing humans learn to love, to connect, to help one another, humans learn humility, and humble living, the lessons of community and caring, perseverence and kindness, as well as the simplicity of oneness and the beauty of the rythms of nature. The Earth remindes you to live from the place of love for one another when the mighty rivers roar, you are reminded that not a home, car, fancy fair or wear is of anything more than a moment in space and time, you are reminded that love, and connectedness is the only place and space for which all have come to live, strive and flourish.

The Power of Love and connectedness…..
DSC00070Humans, upon the cleansing of the rivers across the land, upon the shaking of the earth and the storms that come upon you, have an opportunity to be in awe of the power of the Mother, and the power of love and connectedness you have for one another. According to Divine order, there are no boarders, there are no fences, no colors of people, no nations, no boundaries, all is the essential part of self, all beings are made of the essence of the sacred plan…all are one… all are love. The Earth is here to remind you of this…the Earth is not sick or dying, the Earth is reviving and reminding humans of the importance of living from love and respect for all beings and the Earth…She will survive, the Earth always does, it is the humans that need to awaken, it is the humans that need to wisen to the ancient ways of loving the Earth, it is the humans whom stand before the trials of time and must look deep within and correct the thoughts and ways that no longer grace and respect all beings and this planet. Humans are overheated with greed and need, humans are shaking at the foundations of their own existence, humans rage with anger and fire, humans take and deplete…you call it an ill planet, ney, we call it human suffering!

Living a life of Concious awareness and love……
DSC00084This Earth, she asks you to remember these lessons, and in remembering these lessons, she cleanses, she finds peace…all beings find oneness with this earth when all beings find oneness with one another. The furry and feathered, the two legged and four, the winged and the wind, all are equal in the eyes of the Divine, all equal in the calling for respect, kindness, honor, all one…do you ask to cut the limb of a tree, or do you take it as your own? Do you ask to redirect a river or do you do as you need? Do you respect the creatures of all kinds as you respect human creatures, have you forgotten beloveds that simple simple reflection of love and respect?…that is what the lesson Mother Earth reminds us….respect, connect, love…in this She is rejoicing, in this She, the Earth shall heal us. The human is so errogant as to think it is the earth that needs to heal, no, it is the humans that need to heal…she is meerly helping that realization come into play. – Nathan

The writing from Nathan that I share with you came to me as I sat near the Bow River in Banff Alberta. I was observing the power of the water as it ran over the slate grey stones, and I felt a strong urge to ask Nathan about the suffering of the planet, it quickly became evident with the words that came forth, that is was not the suffering of the planet, but the suffering of human-kind that needed the urgent attention, and the Earth, with all of its gracious love and power was offering us many opportunities to awaken to the destructive path we have set forth for not only the Earth, but for all beings on this planet.

IMG_0576_1Just like a loving parent, Mother Earth gives us opportunities to realize our greed, suffering, our lack of connection and awareness, the Mother Earth gives us a chance to experience love, connection, community, courage, persistence, humility, humbleness, kindness with each other and all inhabitants of our planet. It indeed became an eye opener to see the events of this planet (floods, quakes, etc.) from this perspective, from the place of taking personal responsibility and thanking my gracious teacher, the Mother Earth for all the She shares!

writing with nathanFor the next month, allow yourself to live in awareness of your connection to all beings and all aspects of this Earth. When you walk upon the Earth, be grateful for all that it gives you, give kindness to the birds, animals, look at all the parts of this planet that surround you as an extention of you and you as an extention of this planet….Be green and clean, yes for sure, but also be connected and directed to Love, gratitude and respect. This Earth belongs to all inhabitants, it is not ours (humans) to use as we see fit, we are mere visitors, tenants as such of a sacred home.

Next Month, February, I will expand on the teachings of Love. Nathan has shared many discourses on love, what better time then the month of Love to share his writings on that topic with you!

As with all discourses from Nathan, I hope you take time to meditate on the words, and find within yourself reflections of truth that may resonate with your life path. These discourses are intended to assist all of us to awaken to our Higher calling.

Until we meet again in February, I wish you many blessings, Im honored that you have taken the time to share in the teachings of Nathan…

photos 5 and 6 courtesy of Mother Earth Therapy