My Guide or my mind?!

nathan and I by the lakeMy Guide or my mind?!
“Dearest one, I speak to you not in loud demanding tones, I am not the one who boasts words of hatred, judgment or denial, ney, I am the Light that shines on your every word, way or shadow, I am the voice, that still silent, whispered voice that softly leads you to your highest calling. I see only beauty in you, I provoke you not, but I guide you gently, softly to the center of your heart.” – Nathan

Continuing on with my series focused on demystifying Spirit Guides, this blog post will focus on the benefits of present moment conciousness with regards to connecting with Spirits guidance, as well as assisting you to develop a way of understanding the conversation that occurs within your being, and how you can decifer if it is the sacred whispers of guidance or the ego mind attempting to drag you down yet another side road.

berry pickingPresent moment conciousness: Ah yes indeed, the buzz phrase of the year! Made popular by a fantastic best selling book, the world became familiar with the concept of being more aware. Present moment conciousness is an experience of allowing your being to be completely connected to your current experience and allowing your mind, body, heart and Spirit to embrace the task at hand. For example, while picking blueberries your whole concentration is on the moment at hand, you are keenly aware of the beautiful lush berries, the hot August sun warming your back, the gentle breeze, the bear coming out of the woods to eat you…ha ha, just seeing if you were concentrating on this moment or thinking about making a blueberry pie! If ,while picking the berries I am thinking about how many I can score to take home, if I am planning my pies, pie crusts, who I will give some to , who I wont, worrying if a bear will eat me, or if a bee will sting me…these all lead us away from being in the present moment. When you are totally in the present moment, you are more aware of the bear in the bushes or the bee about to sting you because your internal observer is on high alert, your instincts, intuition, your senses are hightened, you are aware of everything around you, including… the guidance from Spirit that awaits you. Being in the present moment is the time to ask for guidance, the present moment is the sacred time to ask to be shown the path for which you seek answers for your life journey. The present moment offers you an opportunity to become the observer, the one who sits deep inside your heart and instinctively watches, senses and guides you forth despite the callings of the mind or fears. For instance, if I am craving chocolate, and the craving is overcoming me, if my mind is chatting how I deserve a treat, how stressed or tired I am, (notice how the mind is referencing to past emotions and future fears) if in that moment I breathe, maybe even hold the chocolate bar and observe it, if I stop and observe the conversation within my head, I will notice that I am not in the present moment observing my life, that I am attached to and engaged with the rage of the mind, or the retoric I have received from others along my life path may be running my internal dialogue, I can even ask (as I so often do) who is speaking in my head…is this really me, is this really what I want. The incessant chatter, the voice of judgement, delay, justification and negotiating are indicators that guidance is not at hand, but the mind is in full swing! Always focus on bringing yourself back to the present moment. Who is really speaking, is the person Im arguing with really here at this moment, is the chocolate bar really what I want, what is it that I really want, is it peace, communication, creativity, calling yourself back to present moment conciousness is a sure way to open the gateways to communication with Guidance and intuition. As an animal lives in an instinctual state of being in the moment, they are able to follow the whispers of their Spirits guidance, the animals once again teach us how to be the Spirit we came here to be. As an Intuitive I am able to read energy and talk to Spirit(s) because in my time of meditation during a reading I fully bring myself to the present moment and simply observe the images and sounds that come before me, no judgment or thought, just receiving. In silence, in presence, in a moment of quiet I am able to receive the vibrations intended from Spirit. Be present, if the mind chatters ask who is really speaking and come back to the task or moment at hand, and in that space, ask to be shown your path (pertaining to a question you may have).

waves mnrSilence of the waves: So, to decifer if you are listening to your Guidance of Spirit or your mind, you have chosen to allow yourself to be in the present moment, to be aware of the task at hand, to meditate on or connect to the moment you are currently in, and in that moment you are a mere observer of all that is around you, all the sensations all the gifts of the present moment. In the present moment you may decide to ask a question of your Higher Self, perhaps it is about your life purpose, or a question about a relationship, or a question about overindulgences. Your question is not one of wanting to know, but to ask to be shown, this opens the gateway for waves of sacred lessons Divinely intended for your Highest purpose to come forth. If you ask to be shown, you guidance is then unrestricted, it is allowed to ebb and flow, it is given permission to show you both the light and the shadows of the answers to your question. You may want to ask to be shown what it is that you need to adjust in relationships, to be shown the path to an addiction free life, to be shown the words for a book, or to be shown the presence of your Spirits love for you. There is a vast difference between asking to be shown, or asking for specifics like, I would like to be caffiene or alcohol free, I would like to write a childrens book, I would like to earn more money…all fine and well, but if we ask to be shown the path to be shown our healing path of addiction, to be shown our creative gift of writing, if we ask to be shown Spirit will reveal, revel in and release all the information necessary to guide you on your path. Remember the importance of gratitude, before asking for guidance, give gratitude for the moment in which you are present and gratitude after asking for guidance, the Higher self loves gratitude! Also, be open to being shown, perhaps one needs to completely understand the control or pain and suffering that the addiction to chocolate or certain habit patterns has on their life, observe, watch what is unfolding before you, write, pray meditate on what you experience. It will be tempting to become emotionally involved in what is being unfolded before you, but observe as if you are watching a play unfold before you, …you may feel the emotions, cry, cheer, but you are watching things unfold on the stage of your life, mere actors are revealing your clues and messages for the answers to your question. As you receive and observe your answers, be present and follow the calling of your heart, you will know it is your heart because it will be subtle, peaceful, usually single words or gentle pushes from the Spiritual energy around you. As an animal feels (key word is sensation based) or senses it is time to move, they do so, this is a lesson for humans as well, to listen to the whispers of your heart verses the dictates of the mind. Remember, be present, ask to be shown, and observe your life in the present moment over the next few days (including dreams), you will see many many clues, words, sharings and more that will guide you along your path to the answers you truly seek.

Remember: Be present in the task, or moment at hand. In that present state have gratitude and ask that you be shown (whatever it is that you are seeking) for the highest good of your life path. Observe in the present moment over the next few days the lessons and gifts given in the direction of an answer to your question. Watch the stage of your life reveal the play you have been watching and the messages necessary to assist you on your path. This is a wonderful way to watch Spirits guidance at work!

IMG00038-20100311-1944 A smiling horse! For those of you who are skeptics about a horses ability to smile, this is my horse Jack, and yes, he is smiling, there are smiling horses in the world! Spirits voice, when it speaks to us is like a smiling horse, it is unexpected, it is out of the ordinary, it makes you smile (or laugh, be shocked, cry, run), you need to be very present to catch it, the mind needs to move past its limiting belief system, it evokes an emotion that stirs deep within you. Guidance rarely, if ever, appears like rose pettles being strewn across the pathway of life accented by angelic harpsicords playing in the background…it is subtle, silent, and often speckled with the unusual. Spirits voice can holler if you are not listening, but that usually occurs as a physical discomfort, illness, accident, or a repetive pattern of challenges that you may be avoiding. Would you expect to see a smiling horse? I sure as heck didnt! Jack popped his head up from his food, looked over in silence, and started to smile over and over and over, I laughed so hard I thought I would have to bolt to the nearest ladies room! Guidance, as I know it and experience it in readings with the hundreds of people I have connected with over the last 7 years in my Intuitive Readings is similar to the smiling horse…unexpected silent moments of sensation (emotions, feelings, knowings) based acts of random unplanned events, and we need to be very present to catch the smiling horse!

Next month: I will reveal some of the teachings that were shared with me from Guidance this summer, they will focus on embracing your life path and embarking on your quest, whatever that may be. Until then, practice present moment conciousness with gratitude, ask to be shown, be aware of the lessons all around you that show you your way, and of course, say hi to the smiling horse!

Im blessed and honored that you have chosen to read this information, I ask that you meditate and find the place within yourself that resonates with what is true for you.

Wishing you many blessings and Light

First three photos courtesy of Elaine Pace,