Sacred messengers…

In my previous blog post I shared with readers the profound experience I had with an Eagle just prior to embarking on a ferry ride to my new Island life. This majestic sacred bird brought to me a message of courage, hope and a clear statement of standing in my power. If not for the presence of that Eagle, I do not believe I would have had the courage to keep going on. After the release of my previous blog post many readers asked me to expand on how I connected with the Eagle and received its sacred message. I can only share with you what I have learnt along my life path, but here are my thoughts around the interaction with the Eagle.

Life can press hard, squeeze us and grind us into a fine dust, sometimes in excruciating long term processes, and other times in an instant. These occurrences can cause us to worry about the future, long for the past, and move far away from the guidance found in the present moment. Its so important to return to the present moment, for its in the present moment that messages from our Divine source will unfold to help heal our wounds, empower our sacred path and encourage us with messages of hope and direction.

Returning to the present moment to obtain guidance from sacred messengers requires a relinquishment of the struggle at hand and a reconnect with your body and the  environment that surrounds you. Begin to breathe slower and more deeply, remind yourself that in this moment you ARE alive (thats a huge miracle right there!!), you ARE breathing (theres a gift to behold!), look around and find things that remind you of happiness, things to be grateful for…perhaps its your fur baby, a piece of apple pie on the counter, your beloveds warm inviting eyes. You will begin to feel more in the present moment, becoming more aware of the gift of this moment and the miracle that you are here to enjoy this day. Fill your heart with gratitude for this present moment and all that surrounds you, open your eyes and connect visually to that which surrounds you, listen to sounds in your environment, feel the earth beneath your feet and the sun in the sky. You will begin to feel more in your body and one with your surroundings. Once you feel more present it is time to invoke your guides and sacred messengers for guidance.

Invoking your Higher Power to reveal guidance requires a real and heartfelt conversation with this Divine power. Share with your sacred source the story of what is paining you, ask to be guided, shown, empowered. You may choose to communicate with your higher power either by writing, speaking aloud, conversing with your heart, or simply thinking through your conversation.  It is important to remain in the present moment while sharing with your Higher Source in order to receive your guidance.  Consider going for a walk, a run, or a bike ride, play with your dog, hug your lover, watch a funny movie, beat a punching bag if need be (my fave!), go to the gym, do whatever it takes to keep you present.  Being in the present moment and receiving guidance does not mean you have to go into an official lotus position with the proper mudra, meditate for hours on end, chant or pray or do some sort of “holy” act. Lets get real, Spirit lives within, some call it God, but whatever you call it, it lives within and is well aware of your feelings, thoughts, profanity laden moments of anger and more. BE REAL! Spirit loves things when they are real, passionate and honestly expressed. Being real means that Spirit can look at you and say “hey, theres my dear one, I can see that crusty ole, cussin’, live wire we brought to the earth!” When you are being the real you as best you know yourself to be, when you are in the present moment, when you allow yourself to do what you need to do to be present Spirit can see you, the gifts of sacred messengers become apparent all around you and guidance quickly becomes clear.

In my previous post I shared how I felt torn apart and numb, terrified to board the ferry, to leave my daughter on the mainland, and to move into the next phase of my independent life after being married for over 30 years. I was barely breathing and far from present. I felt enmeshed in fears of the future and pains of the past. I needed help and guidance, and in order to connect with that guidance I needed to be present and real.  So I bought a coffee, took a few deep breaths, focused on my surroundings, observed the smell of the ocean air, the gentle breeze of the Pacific, the smell of my coffee in hand. I shared in a heart filled way (along with a few profanity laden words) with Spirit my fears and anxieties. I made a concerted effort to remain present, aware, awakened.  By being completely in the present I witnessed the Eagle and I could see the actions of the Eagle in a deeper way.  I could witness the sacred messenger before me and I could embrace this beautiful bird’s wise “words” intended to guide me.

What I learnt..

Bring yourself back to the present moment, give gratitude for this moment you have been gifted,  invoke your guides or Higher Power to help you and guide you.  Invoke your guides by being real, upfront, expressive and focused. Stay present by being in your body, aware of your surrounding, even doing something that keeps you here and now. Once you feel more present and have invoked your guides, be aware of sacred messengers and their wise gifts. Sacred messengers can be found in animals, humans, or nature. Trust that your answer will come, stay present, do what gives you joy, be real in your interaction with Spirit, and observe your interactions…an answer and guidance will come!

Blessings and Light