Spirit Guides – many forms, many faces

DSC00054Spirit Guides – many forms, many faces

As I observe the journey of the human experience, I notice that within our daily exploration of life lies the potential for Spirit’s guidance. Guidance from Spirit is available in so many ways and through many vehicles, for example, observe the interaction between a father teaching his child the intricacies of nature, observe a child’s willingness to learn, is this not a demonstration of Spirit communicating through one being in order to enlighten another with Divine Guidance? Connecting with Higher wisdom and embracing Spirits guidance can readily be achieved, it is meerly a shift in concious awarness and a willingness to expand our experience in order to create a sacred connection with our Guidance in every moment of every day.
Every experience is an opportunity to interact with Divine guidance, every being, every plant, ray of sunshine, breath of wind is a teacher from Spirit, if we limit ourselves to seeking a connection with a specific Spirit Guide through the use of a visual aid such as a personified expression of Spirit, we limit our messages from Spirit, we limit our Guidance. Spirit is all encompassing, present in all things, all beings. Expand your experiences with Guidance past the limiting beliefs of the source of guidance, embrace possibilites of an expanded Universe full of unlimited possibilities.
Many forms, many faces
As mentioned in my last blog post, Guides have been represented as mystical beings personified for the sake of providing a visual and emotional link to the power of connecting with Spiritual Guidance. Thats okay for starters, but can become very limiting over time. Life and Spirit wishes to guide us in many different ways, through many different experiences and vehicles, Spirit teaches through unlimited means and is awaiting your willingness to expand your connection to guidance. In my life I have experienced the energy of Spirit Guides through friends, pets, nature, ceremony, running, cooking and many other means.


A personal moment
A few years ago, my life as I knew it fell to pieces. A group of women,whom at the time were my dear friends and business partners, delivered an unexpected life altering blow. In a flash my friendships, associates and business partners forced the hand of a business takeover in a most heart wrenching manner. The world as I knew it was destroyed,.. after 9 years together I now faced no business, no associates, no friends. I drifted into a world of deep seperation from my life, I felt a sense of aloneness that even encompassed my relationship with Creator, I could feel nothing or no one, life was adrift, and I was sinking fast. In the silence of my wounded space, without drama, without crashing to my knees and playing out a pleading prayer (but I would have if necessary!), I simply looked deeply into the warm loving eye of my horse and said, “I give, you can have all of me, I cant do it anymore”. I felt the presence of Divine love, safety and nurturence in the horses presence and eyes, I knew I was communicating to Divine Guidance, I could see Spirit in his eyes! I had no focus on an end result of my call to Spirit, but a deep knowing, a sense, a feeling of release without intention to know the outcome, and in that space came guidance, came light, came love.
In that moment of communication with the horse, I was raw, real, surrendered, and sincere, all essential parts of connecting to Creators love and Spirit(s) Guidance. I awakened from my limited awarness of the Life I came to live, I wanted to Live, I gave up me, UP to my higher self, and from there the journey of many forms of guidance began. The horse was the sacred vehicle to Divine Guidance, a Spirit Guide, a benevolent being of wisdom and truth, I didnt know this at the time, I just felt surrendered to the love I felt in his eyes and aura, I seized the moment to connect, surrender, and ask for Guidance. Looking into his eyes, I knew I would be okay, that the Angels and Guides would embrace me, that Spirit had a big hold on my heart and once again I would find my way. Several years have passed since that experience, my life is full, bright, friends galore, more business then I ever imagined, and a closenss with my God that is beautiful and complete. I surrendered with passion and a desire to Live, and Spirits Guidance came forth!
I had many experiences similar to this several years before while on my grandparents farm (previous post). A feeling of being lost (in the bush), not knowing my way home, feeling scared, worried. In order to find my way home from my situation of feeling lost, I meerly surrendered, followed my gut, followed the guidance of the sky, the wind, scents, trees and trails, and eventually found my way back. It wasnt easy to find home out in that prairie bush, there were wolves, badgers, field traps, and scary shadows, but I let my fear lead me, for fear made me real, raw and surrendered and, guidance took my hand, showed me my way back home, and upon my arrival back at my grandparents farmhouse, I enjoyed the nurturing love found in a home-made cinnamon bun!
IMG_0572Connecting with guidance starts first with your desire to connect, in other words it is not what you say but how you say it, the music behind the words, the passion in the plea, a willingness to step out from behind your protective wall. In the initial stages of developing a connection with your Guidance it is best not to invoke the energies of Guidance with a preconcieved outcome, in other words, get real (expressing a desire) and get out of your own way, let your Guidance start the process for you. Later, plans and goals will apply, but not in the initial stages. When I walked through my journey a few years ago, and beconed for help, I had no idea what would happen, I had no plan, I had no knowing, I just knew that I had a desire, a longing to heal and awaken from my death sleep, how that happened, where, when and with whom was none of my concern, I opened the gates. This is how a connection and the beginnig of your process begins. In time you may want to look at your path and set goals, but your goals will be based on Higher wisdom verses fear or mind traps.
Approaching the call for help from Guidance when you are and raw, willing to walk the path given, come empty handed and full hearted with desire, and passionatly invoke your Guide(s), will ignite a Guided process that will begin to unveil your true potential, your life takes form, your journey begins. Ask for assistance with all of your heart, open the flood gates to any and all guidance, ask “I desire for the life you (Higher Source energy) gave me”, “I am willing to heal these headaches”, “I am willing to be Your Work (Source energy, Creator) here on this planet”, “I am willing to love another”, “I embrace all abundance you give me”, and ask with a desire so full, so burning with truth, so filled with tears, laughter, fear, joy, let your emotions be your guiding force of desire, if you are angry, admit it, if you are confused say it, talk to your Higher self as you would a trusted friend….this is the first step to connecting easily and with effective results of Spirit’s Guidance, …Ask, bang on the door of the energies that await your request, get real raw and open, afterall, your Higher self knows your true emotions and thoughts so why expend the energy to hide it, feel your desire and invoke the powers that be…this is step #1 to connecting with Spirit’s Guidance, simply ask, with desire and passion, and the gateways to your Highest Guidance will open.
Remember, the vibrationally attuned energies that align with Spirit respond to the vibrational alignment you have with your request, its not about putting in your order at a vending machine in the sky, or penning a long eloquent dissertation to your omnipitant sacred loved one, its about being real, raw and true. After the incident a few years ago, I was so stripped to the core, so raw that my communication was real, no edited emotions, just the real thing, and my life shifted to the Light. I see this same awakening in my clients that come for readings in the same space as I was in or those that are willing to travel to that space…guidance awakens and manifests in a life that is willing to be lived. However the living of that life looks or manifests is between you and your Higher Self,.
IMG_0576Nathan – I am in the yes that you say to the life you have been given, I am the sunlight that warms your face, the eagles call that awakens your heart, I am the cleansing waters, the jagged shoreline, I am you and you are me. Call me, that is all I ask, but not with your mouth, with your heart, call me and be you for I can only find you when you are true to yourself. If you feel all is not true, that you are lost, unknowing, know that I know you, I see you, and I wish to find you in all of your trials, simply open to me, ask as you are and I will be there. I do not expect perfection, glorious accolades, or special encoded methods of connection, look to the sun feel its warmth, give gratitude for the simplicity of the moment, feel your heart, feel, and ask, ask ask!! I will hear you, perhaps not as you ask me to, but I will hear you. Be not one with an ending, be in flow with the tide of life, I will take you through trials, afterall, your false creations no longer serve, the ones you put in place, it is a task I must take to replace shadows with Light, simply be willing to be awake, simply ask, show me WHO YOU ARE, for with me you are safe.
So, in sumary, so far in the last several blogs the following has been shared:
-To learn to connect with your intuition, begin by trusting your gut feelings, allow yourself to practice in day to day situations, connect with nature, take risks that teach yourself to trust your heart
-Live in gratitude for the food you eat, the air you breathe, the land, the sky, the pets you have, the people who love you, even if you feel there is nothing to have gratitude for, have gratitude for the awareness that you do not have gratitude!
Spring Blossoms May '10 025-Begin to awaken to the idea that guidance (Spirit Guides) are all around you actively in play. Look in the eyes of a friend sharing their story, a loved one trying to help you, the eyes of a horse or dog or beloved pet, the sunshine, words in a book, expand your conciousness past the illusion of Spirit Guides being only a sentient being or a specified individual in Spirit who is whispering secrets too you,.. begin to connect with the gifts of Spirit seen in the eyes and reflections of your world, within those gifts are hundreds of Guides waiting to give you all the Light imaginable! The simple honey bee may be the messenger you have been waiting for, observe, with an open mind, be aware, concious, present, messages await you!
-When you feel a heavy emotion, or joy, bliss or challenged, feel your feeling! I have a dear friend Cathy who shared with me the wisdom that all feelings have a place, and are there to be explored, felt and shared with one’s personal Light. Journal, share with a trusted friend, and share with your silent inner conversation the desire to understand, know or learn from the emotion you are tried with. During my difficult time a few years ago,I felt anger, pain, sadness, loss, I did not allow the emotions to be me, I became the observer, the emotions the teacher, utilizing those emotions as the catalyst for invoking my Higher Guidance, creating a sense of a raw reality that guidance loves to connect to, it opens the doorway.
-In the initial stages of initiating and interacting with guidance, detach of the end results, let it be and let Spirit be.
-observe your world, become conciously aware of every moment, every being, tree, wind, way, lesson, or opportunity as a chance to receive Divine guidance…more on this point in my next blog post in November!
In the next blog post, I will expand on the de-mystification of Spirit Guides and discuss living in a present moment state of awarness, as well as knowing the difference between the conversation of Spirit and the conversation of the mind. In the meantime, for this month, practice the points noted in the summary (section above).
In the final blogpost (several months from now) I will talk about Nathan indepth, why there is a name Nathan attached to the Guidance I receive from this specific attunement with Creators energy, but there is alot of ground to cover before then. Thank you for all your wonderful questions and comments. My prayer is that this blog creates an opportunity for you to live in the question, and respond in alignment with your Lifes work. My email is always open for private discussion.
Wishing you blessings and Light
see you in November!