Spirits Call

Through out the years of providing Readings for people, the one common question I find is, how do I live the most authentic life possible, how can I find my purpose and follow it faithfully and with great passion. I posed this question to Nathan, and this is the response He gave……

My beloved, it is the quest of the human Spirit to live in complete and utter alignment with the energy of the Omnipitant Source of all, to return to a state of Love, and to express this Love in the unique form for which it has been given unto thee. The Omnipitant Source vibrates with the essence of tranquil love, a love that is complimentary to all beings existance, a love that becons your heart to return to its essential self. But the quest remains questioned, how do I walk this path you ask, how do I live as the me I came here to be?….to this I say…

There is only one true mission of the Spirit and that is to openly and unconditionally support the expression of love in all that is around you, within you, beside you, near you with the utmost of peace and gratitude. Your mission is to open thy eyes and see that before you is all that is ever needed, all that is true, all that is your teacher your guide your mystery, your authentic self, for all that is in existence is what is…right now! Open your eyes and observe the sunshine and all the colors, warmth and love that exists within this moment, observe the flight of a bird, observe observe, realize that you are not all knowing, your science is entertaining to us but very very limited, your conclusions make for interesting limited observations, but if for only a moment you sit peacefully, humbly and with an open compassionate heart and breathe in deeply the moment at hand, only then can you begin to ask and to explore the truth of your incarnation, from this point you are aligned with the only truth, that which is here and now, and from this point you can engage in the energies that support your true authentic path…..let me demonstrate…

The typical pattern of human interpretation of essential true self expression is to plan, look forward, research, work through, spiritualize, intellectualize, materialize, itemize the callings and longings of the mind. In the human way, one thinks of a desire, then focuses on that desire with unbridled zest, making the object of desire an all encompassing journey, all focus is on the desire at hand. This proceedure leaves little to no room for your Guides, Ancestors and Sacred Ones to assist you to the creation of the authentic you.

As Guides, we ask for the space to communicate with you the teachings of your Spirits quest and the space to make manifest the most authentic expression of your journey. This space is found in the peaceful present moment conciousness that is filled with gratitude and love. We ask you to sit peacefully, be present, observe your world, silence the chatter of the mind, look with enormous gratitude to your world, feel warmth in your being even for the suffering and challenges, when you feel this place of peace deep within, ask US, not the mind, invoke your Guides, Ancestors and Higher Self and request …may I be of service for the highest calling of my Spirit. Ask US to show you the truth of your life, ask US to take leadership. How will you know that we, your Guides and your Ominipitant Source have responded…a feeling of a flutter, a silent whisper, a gentle tremor of fear yet assertion begins to awaken within you, a vision will pass before you either in a spoken word of another, a vision infront of you, or a silent whisper in your ear, and WE , your sacred ones, will request of you that which your mind will resist, will deny, will fill you with fear. We are not here for your comfort, that is the illusionary mission of the mind… we are here to assure that your most highest self , most authentic expression of your incarnation manifests during your life path. Your discomfort comes in your resistence and lack of presence in the moment. You begin to worry about the future, the present, the past, you begin to negotiate, negate, live in fear…this blocks our path, meerly go deeper with your surrender, with your request for our truth to be shown to you, and the follies of the mind shall be passed.

Guidance towards the authentic self, when given from Spirit will feel unusual, perhaps something you never thought to be, or something you always had a silent awarness of but denied the self. If in that moment of revelation you say yes to the possibility, the path begins to open for US to do work with you, and to guide you to your truest self. Be aware, we are not concerned about the things you wish us to be concerned about such as jobs, money, relationships, prestige, and more, we are concerned with love, the ultimate manifestation of that love, and the unique way in which you will express love on this your planet earth. We do not negotiate, but we will step aside and allow you to feel the longing for your truth, and we will step aside when the mind becomes involved hence making the task at hand difficult, challenging and far removed from love. But, if you live in the space we ask, if you ask for OUR presence and say yes to the vision we give, and remain present and aware of our guidance, the flow of life, abundance, love, beauty and so much more comes to thee as easily as the very breath you breathe.

– Nathan

In my life, I have many dreams, hopes and desires, afterall that is part of being human! I dream of eating my way through the countryside of Italy, oh such decadence, I desire to be healthy and in good physical shape, and I love designer shoes of every kind! I am a Spirit having a human experience, and just like I do when I go on vacation, I take in the sites, the pleasures and desires of the journey I am on. That being said, I have learnt throught the teachings of Nathan, that for those places where I long to be me, to express me, to give the true and most authentic part of me a voice and expression in this world it is important to be in the utmost alignment with the Guidance and truth of my higher self, not my mind. I have applied the teachings (shown above) of Nathan and have eperienced the manifestation of my most profound, abundant, joyous, challenging, fear filled, blissful, loving TRUE parts of my authentic self expression . I have found the career of my truest self, I have found the most ultimate love, I have flourished abundantly and more, and at times I have cried, pained, had my sand based foundations crumble, lost friends, family and money, and felt empty and lost….I realize that in order for the Highest Sacred Energy to be authentically expressed through me, the parts of self that only serve the human desires must be realigned and rearranged, and only when I fight the release of me to my Guides do I suffer the most.

As with all discourses from Nathan, please take your time to ponder the teaching, perhaps journal your thoughts, and realize the truths that may exist for you within the words He shares. Im deeply honored that you have chosen to share this reading with me!

Until next month
I wish you many blessings and Light