“My very first reading with Denise blew my mind! I thought I might receive a few vague insights but what I experienced instead was profound spiritual guidance with bang on accuracy and detail. The depth of Denise’s readings goes beyond what you might expect. She has been blessed with a powerful gift which she offers with an open heart and loving support.

Whenever I feel particularly ‘stuck’ about something in my life, Denise’s reading offers clarity and guidance to my next step. I feel supported, motivated, and inspired. Denise has a direct, clear channel to sacred guidance.

I highly recommend the experience if you feel stuck with anything, have decisions to make, or think there must be “more”; don’t put it off or second guess it. You will be amazed and so grateful you did it.”

L. Brunet

“I’ve been getting regular readings with Denise for almost 15 years (back in those days she recorded it on a cassette tape!). It’s not just a psychic reading, it’s a spiritual experience where she brings forth what you need to know at the time. I have a reading at least four times a year, especially before making big decisions, and it has always served me well. The guidance is very directive and while it sometimes seems challenging for me at first, it always helps me to see things clearly so that I can make necessary changes in order to enjoy my best life. It has pulled me back onto my path when I have strayed and I believe that the readings have been a contributing factor to magical experiences in my life. My advice: write down all the questions you want to ask. Nothing is too big or small, ask it all.”

Heather Pace
Sweetly Raw


My experience of an Intuitive Reading with Denyse Landygo was a brush with the Divine!  It gave me a broader understanding of my life and concrete ways to move forward with greater ease and joy.  The inviting format of sitting comfortable with Denyse and posing my question at the beginning of the reading allowed for helpful, if at times surprising feedback.  Repeatedly I was intrigued by the accuracy with which Denyse “read” my situation.  Along with the pertinent information I received, I was deeply touched by the healing nature of the spiritual presence I felt.  Denyse clearly uses her gifts and expertise for the greatest benefit of her clients.

-Elaine Pace, Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada


Landygo’s medical intuitive reading session included reading my aura and chakras as well as conversing with spirit helpers. I sat quietly sipping my tea while she opened to receive messages and intuitive impressions, making notes all the while. Then we discussed what she saw and heard. With so much detail, thank goodness she taped the whole thing!

I was stunned by the accuracy of her reading. It never ceases to amaze me how what I’m feeling inside — the themes and the changes in my life — can be picked up and reflected back to me by a total stranger. Dr. Landygo’s detailed intuitions ranged from my physical problems to scenes from my past lives. She told me about the spirit guides and totem animals active in my life and offered meditations and visualizations to address some of my problems. I guess you could say she put my life into a better perspective.”

-excerpt from Kristi’s Kaleidiscope, Kristi Dorian, Aquarian Magazine, Winter 2004/05


Such an extraordinary gift! Sitting with Denyse in an intuitive reading or for homeopathic support is an amazing experience! She is an individual who is dedicated to sharing her gifts of intuition and healing  for the greatest good of all. Every time I have sought Denyse’s assistance, I have come away feeling deeply nurtured, understood, encouraged, supported, challenged and rich with ideas to move forward. In every domain, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, Denyse uses her extraordinary gifts to help us recognize our choices that can we can act upon; the choices that will assist us in becoming all we are capable of being. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Denyse!

-Cathy Hamilton


When I had my first intuitive reading with Dr.Landygo I was having sporadic chest pains. I was also seeing a cardiologist & was taking several tests  to see if the pains were related to any kind of heart problems.

After my intuitive reading, Dr.Landygo drew a pencil sketch of what she felt was the problem. It was a drawing of my diaphram & a hiatal hernia. She urged me to continue with all the scheduled tests. After the cardiologist confirmed my heart was sound , I went through more tests with an internal medicine specialist. That Dr. did diagnose a hiatal hernia & he handed me a photocopied sheet with an illustration of what it looked like……….it matched Dr.Landygo’ pencil sketch perfectly!
I learned many more things from that reading such as vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances & ways to improve my poor sleep patterns. I continue to use the advice & dietary suggestions that I received with my reading .

I highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in learning new information to improve thier health. ”

– C.C.



Denyse is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable healer.  She instills a sense of awareness, confidence and optimism in her patients.  Combined with her breadth of experience in many aspects of healing, this provides her patients with an unparalleled opportunity for healing and growth.  I’m grateful to have had the benefit of her guidance and care.

– DW